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Dr. Whiteberry in Critical Condition

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 27, 2007

Dr. Leandrah Whiteberry, known to most as Dr. Andi, is in critical condition.

She suffered multiple gunshot wounds on the recent assault on the cylon tylium refinery. One bullet entered her abdomen and did no major damage. but the second entered her back, shattering her right lowest rib (floating rib) and damaging her right kidney. The rib was removed and remaining damage was repaired.

Dr. Conell Dagger took a wait and see approach and did not immediately remove the kidney, but within 24 hours, Dr. Whiteberry went into renal failure. Doctors Dagger and Innis removed the kidney last night and put Dr. Whiteberry on dialysis to prevent taxing and damaging her remaining kidney.

She remains in critical condition, being treated in her room on 7th Heaven by civilian medical staff. Her prognosis is guarded.


2 Responses to “Dr. Whiteberry in Critical Condition”

  1. Vicky Vielle said

    Get well soon Andi, all our thoughts are with you!

    Vicky Vielle

  2. leandrahwhiteberry said

    Thank you Vicky, and those of you have contacted or visited me. Your concern is much appreciated and I believe it is helping me to heal.

    The crises is passed and I continue to grow stronger. I hope to return to my duties after the dialysis treatments are finished.

    I would like to publicly thank Marcus “Shooter” Perry for saving my life. He put himself if grave danger to find and rescue me. He and the other members of the team showed a level of professionalism and bravery some of us can never even dream of attaining.

    My experience on this mission, my own weakness and the position I put others in because of my fears has made me reconsider my request to transfer to the military. Until the Goddess Athena clothes me fully in warrior’s armor, I will remain where I am, attempting to heal the wounds of those who fight for the rest of us.

    With humble thanks and praying for the blessings of the gods on all of you,


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