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EXCLUSIVE: Ronon Maximus on the TQ Incident

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 24, 2007

Hello. Kiltcheck Douglas with an exclusive interview coming to you from The News-Review offices on Colonial One. I’m here with Ronon Maximus, Chief of Security aboard the Tylium Queen, to discuss some of the most recent events on board that ship.

Douglas: Mr. Maximus, you’re still in charge of Security on the TQ aren’t you?
Maximus: Yeah, so far…
Douglas: Can you tell me what happened from your perspective to cause the Syndicate’s declaration the other day?
Ronon Maximus in FNS offices
Maximus: Well, we were having all those problems aboard the TQ, right? Food, no tylium to trade for, people were not very happy with all that and with the fact that no one seemed to care outside our ship.
Douglas: Yes, I met with Lauri Mayfair recently and we were unable to continue our interview due to Cylon attacks, but she eluded to such.
Maximus: The, on that day, we get a second attack aboard the TQ that was mentioned in the newspaper, with chemical fires starting…Then…
Douglas: That’s when the Syndicate made their move?
Maximus: Yeah, (e)specially when they heard that one of the civilians aboard the TQ went to Afterburners after that incident…saw the Commander and Captain Perry there, tried to let them know what happened and she was simply ignored….
Douglas: Who was this? Can you say without jeopardizing their safety?
Maximus: Ms. Mayfair.
Douglas: Was this in the clinic by any chance?
Maximus: I wasn’t present at the moment but I believe it was in Afterbuners.
Douglas: I take it just before the Cylons hit us (7th Heaven)?
Maximus: Not really sure about that information…
Douglas: Where were you at this time?
Maximus: I was aboard the TQ, trying to figure (out) the damages the ship took.
Douglas: How did you find out about the declaration by the Syndicate?
Ronon Maximus in FNS offices
Maximus: That’s when Lauri returned and told me that there was a blockade in the landing bay with a sign saying that any outsider was going to get shot…
Douglas: From what I understand the landing bay was a mess from an explosion on top of it all…saw it from my shuttle…
Maximus: (nods) Following that, the Syndicate broadcast their message and some marines arrived, trying to extract us from the ship…
Maximus: I told them no one was harmed and that they should leave, while Lauri tried to talk with the Syndicate to know their demands.
Maximus: They insisted on staying and that was when the Syndicate informed (us) that they had rigged the landing bay with C4 and they would make it blow if the marines didn’t leave.
Douglas: A standoff then…
Maximus: Kind of… The marines withdraw, and Lauri tries to talk with the Syndicate. Subsequently, civilian security forces arrive. The Syndicate have chosen Lauri to be their spokesperson. She informs the security team that the Syndicate have rigged the FTL drive and navigation system to shunt the Tylium Queen through the battlestar. The Syndicate are demanding subsidised food and water shipments, five crates of tylium fuel so they can attempt mining operations again, an extension to military CAPs to cover the Tylium Queen, and a representative on the Quorum to speak for the Syndicate. Meanwhile, I was trying to keep the military away from the TQ, with the help of Captain Starbuckk and everything seemed to point to that happening…
Douglas: The Commander can’t speak for the Quorum, was there a Gov’t rep there to speak regarding that demands?
Maximus: Commander Nephilim was speaking with the Syndicate via short-band radio, so I really don’t know…
Maximus: Anyway…the civilian force, the marines going away…the negotiations…were all an act, to keep us distracted…
Douglas: Distracted from what?
Maximus: A Raptor was sent with an assault team, to disable the Tylium Queen’s drive systems and defuse the explosives.
Douglas: I see. I’m assuming they were successful or we wouldn’t be sitting here…
Maximus: They managed to do it….but I really don’t know how the ship stopped…the engines just shut down…
Douglas: Before our interview, you told me that you were accused of being a terrorist, but you’ve just said you were trying to take control of the situation.
Ronon Maximus in FNS offices
Maximus: Lauri and I were taken to Pacifica, and then this member of the assault team starts calling us terrorists and I get knocked out. I wake up back on Pacifica and things are not going well. The friction between the two groups is at a breaking point. But once the Commander found out that we weren’t actually part of the Syndicate and that Lauri was just acting as a mediator, the Commander listened to our demands. The Commander agreed to the food and supplies. The tylium should be coming soon. But given fleet resources, she said that CAP cover was unreasonable. This seemed to satisfy the Syndicate, for now.
Douglas: Has the Syndicate surrendered to authorities?
Maximus: No one knows who the Syndicate is, so they would have to arrest the entire population of the TQ for that…
Douglas: What’s the state of the vessel at this time?
Maximus: Right now, I believe it’s fine, just minor damage that is being dealt with…
Douglas: Has tylium production resumed?
Maximus: Well, the Commander promised the tylium to try and restart mining operations, so I’m guessing we should have it soon…
Douglas: Has the Pacifica left a contingent of marines behind?
Maximus: Well, there a marine stationed there a few hours after the incident but I guess they saw he wasn’t needed anymore…
Douglas: Have there been any further incidents onboard?
Maximus: Not that I know of, but right now, I lost some of the trust of the people there….I failed them in trying to initiate a peaceful discussion about the TQ status.
Douglas: I assume tensions are still running high.
Maximus: Yes they are…But the people are happy that we received water and food
Douglas: So, it doesn’t exactly sound as is the situation has been resolved, would you say progress has been made?
Maximus: ..and the Tylium will be a big help, of course. Well, I believe things are settled, for now.
Douglas: As the captain (of the TQ) is a member of the Quorum, I would think she would be a good spokesperson for the TQ and the needs of all onboard her. Has this point been made yet? It would be easier than trying to get another seat on the Quorum. After all that involves changing the Articles.
Maximus: Well, one of the complaints aboard the TQ, is that since joining the Quorum, the Captain is rarely seen on the ship.
Douglas: Sadly, part of the nature of her position.
Maximus: So, as you can understand, people believe she no longer knows what they need.
Douglas: People are now afraid to even venture to the TQ, what can you say to help allay their fears and keep it from any further isolation?
Maximus: Well, I believe that after the incident we are under much surveillance than before….so I believe there’s nothing to worry. It’s as safe as it was before…
Douglas: Thank you for your time Mr. Maximus. Once again, this is Kiltcheck Douglas with FNS signing off…


2 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Ronon Maximus on the TQ Incident”

  1. starbuckk said

    The comments that were made about Captain Vendetta by the misled individuals of this so-called syndicate were mysterious at best. What they may not realize is that this was their strongest voice. She speaks quite often about the situation on the TQ.

    By attacking the strongest voice they had, they may have done themselves serious harm.

  2. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    Thank you Captain Serapis…actually I was off ship for a while. I was touring the fleet and looking at the conditions of our workers. It is them who make the fleet go round. Since Aquaria and then on Sagitarron…I fought for the workers and better conditions.

    I am not worried about them…they are not the ones who need the help and they are not the ones who speak for the people. It is a front…they use it to control the people who don’t have what they do. The people will see who their real voice me!

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