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BREAKING NEWS: Cylon Abductions Continue

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 24, 2007

Details are sketchy right now, but it appears that another abduction by Cylons occurred yesterday; this time of Representative Gibley Goldblatt of Sagittaron and Pacifica viper pilot Ensign Sufec Dagger. Merlot Dagger, the adopted child of Dr. Conell Dagger (and cousin of Ensign Dagger), was injured during the assault but is recovering. Apparently, both were able to escape from the Cylons unharmed, but Ensign Dagger was still being held in detention as of last evening, although Rep. Goldblatt was released.

There is no word as to the exact reasons for these abductions which have been escalating of late, nor any official word from the military or government related to the abductees or their return. It is unclear what the motivation is behind these attacks, but it is believed that this particular attack might have been a negotiating tactic to prevent a potential nuclear strike against a nearby Cylon base and tylium mine. More on this as the story develops.


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