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Hope for a Hungry Fleet

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 23, 2007

Sec. Vielle and the hydroponic tanks under the dome of 7th Heaven

Exclusive report by Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

Cylon attacks, tylium, food and water shortages, Syndicate takeovers, loss of ships…it’s nice to have something pleasant to report for a change. It seems crews weren’t only doing repairs inside the dome of 7th Heaven, they also installed new hydroponic tanks for food production. Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle (pictured above), has been overseeing the creation and installation of such tanks in several ships of the fleet.

When asked about when food would become available, Vielle answered, “As you can see the plants are already growing…so soon. We have a number of hydroponics in other ships, and we are close to be self-sufficient, but we are expanding all the time. And now, even the space here in the dome on 7th Heaven is being utilized to help all of the fleet.” According to Vielle, what is growing now are “mostly fleshy foods that grow fast and have high water content; tomatoes, melons, etc.” When asked about the use of water in these tanks under our current shortage, Vielle responded, “We recycle everything. I am making [a request that we] stop asap at a suitable planet to replenish. Even an ice asteroid or comet could help a bit.”

Vielle was nonplussed about possible interference from the Syndicate and their black market on some foods, “Yes. We knew this from the outset, and have measures in place to distribute food, and to protect these facilities.”

Although the tanks are close to delivering fresh food once again to the fleet, additional help is needed. Vielle put out the call for assistance, “We are looking to expand.. and looking for volunteers, farmers, anyone with agricultural or botanical experience to help man the increasing number of facilities.” Volunteers and those interested are requested to contact Sec. Vielle’s office, or her directly and leave a message or note.


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