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Tylium Reserves Destroyed & Unrest on the TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

The following letter was posted anonymously to FNS a few days ago. As is our policy in such cases, it was investigated and facts have been confirmed before we could make it available.

Here is the letter in unaltered form:

A few weeks ago, one of your reporters called the Tylium Queen the ghetto of the fleet. We were not happy about that, ’cause we workers have pride in our ship and we bust our asses for the rest of the fleet.

We’re starting to believe that none of the other ships give a damn about us, and really think we’re scum. Even our Captain is nowhere to be seen, since she joined the politicians…

I bet most people don’t even know we lost our tylium stockpile due to a Cylon attack inside our ship. The fleet news service covers gossip, parties and attacks on the all mighty Pacifica, but when we get hit hard, not even a word. In fact, if it wasn’t for Chief Ronon’s report on the security blotter, it would probably be swept under the rug.

Word of appreciation to him, that having joined the TQ a year and some months ago, he knows more about the people and the ship than most of the so-called authorities and commanders. We know he’s trying to talk with people because of the food shortage that got worse, since we now
have no tylium to trade, but we also are aware that it’s all being treated as “grumbling” from the dirty workers! Funny how many high ranking officers, are glad to visit our “trash” ship to have some fun with our women or play some strip-poker but don’t really care about what’s going here…

For now, we are accepting the requests of Chief Ronon to remain calm, as sign of respect to him, but consider this a warning…

The People of the Tylium Queen!


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