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Looking Death in The Eye

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Having been seen injured by several people and asked if I was alright and what happened to me I thought I would share my part in today’s events with you all.

I had been on 7th Heaven for a while and went back for the shuttle to Colonial One, when I was suddenly face to face with one of those monsters. I am quite ashamed to say that I just froze with shock and strangely so did it. That thing stared at me for felt like a lifetime before lashing out at me with those, well I suppose they are hands of some kind. It knocked me against the wall and then hit me harder still, I was sent flying across the upper lobby outside the shuttle bay and the last thing I remember was hearing those things, gunfire and screaming…

I have no idea how long I was out cold for, but when I woke it seemed they were gone and people were laying injured everywhere. As I surmised my wounds to be minor compared to many, and I thanked the Gods that I was not shot, I managed to look after my own wounds and let the medical staff deal with those in more need than I.

Later I was outside the Quorum Chamber when I saw Leandrah Whiteberry (Dr Andi) and she saw my bandage and asked who had treated me, she was not too pleased when I said me and her aim was to drag me off to the clinic to be treated – she did however mention I might require stitches, at which point I rather bravely turned green and fainted. After being assisted to the clinic by Dr Andi, she cleaned, stitched and treated my wounds then warned me to be cautious of concussion. I have to say that compared to the injuries of others I felt somewhat of a fraud being treated.

It is now the early hours of the morning as I write this and I am back in my room on Colonial One, I have a doozy of a headache and cannot sleep, mainly because of the dreams. When I close my eyes I hear those things again, and then the screams. But if I manage to actually sleep it is worse, I see them, many of them, and I even saw my old friend and former colleague on the News Review D’anna Biers. In my dreams D’anna smiles at me and then she turns into one of them …

I do not think I will ever sleep again.

To those injured I wish a full and speedy recovery.

To those we lost, you will never be forgotten.

And to those murdering ….. You may have stronger bodies than us, but we have strong hearts and spirits, we will fight you, we will never give in and humanity will prevail!

HexxKitten Soleil
The News Review

If there is anyone else out there who wishes to share with us their story from this day, please drop an email to us at: mark your subject as ‘My Story’



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