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Live report re-broadcast from Pacifica

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Kiltcheck Douglas reporting live from the Pacifica, just outside of CIC where there’s a lot of commotion going on. I’m here with Captain Perry.

[all voices other than Perry in the background coming from the CIC]

Captain Perry
Perry: Mr. Douglas, what can I do for you?
Douglas: The fleet has been pretty much rampant with rumors and wanted to find out some truth of what’s occurred today.
Alderson: Although I wouldn’t blame you if you threw him out the airlock.
Douglas: We’ve also been working with Civ authorities to help assist during this disaster at my recommendation.
Perry: Well, I won’t lie to you. They hit us and they hit us hard. But we fought them off.
Blanco: Like a Cylon Kaz?
Douglas: I saw the attack on the TQ.
Alderson: No, like a damn reporter.
Douglas: (continuing) and was by the clinic on 7th. Has there been any word from the President?
Alderson: I take it you haven’t been up to date on the news wire?
Douglas: No one has been able to reach her since the attack.
Perry: As far as I know she is OK. Colonial One was relatively unharmed.
Laws: Not me, why am I in the news, again?
Blanco: I don’t read the news often in this period.
Douglas: Civilian channels have been frakked since the attack.
Perry: Yeah, we lost a few comm antennae on several ships.
Blanco: I’ve seen they have made some coverage about the government, bah i don’t read that.
Laws: Kaz, Scorpion…are either of you Raptor qualified?
Alderson: Not me.
Douglas: The Commander ordered a counterstrike against the planetoid. I understand she nuked their base.
Blanco: Me? No Yevka.
Perry: (pauses) ummm…in all honesty, I was… trapped on 7th throughout the attack. So, I don’t actually know.
Douglas: Well it happened, have it on vid. I arrived at the 7th shortly after the attack, it was pretty serious there.
Blanco: And so, what was bad on the news Kaz?
Perry: Hell yeah.
Alderson: Class A garbage about the Pacifca, the commander and us pilots.
Perry: The centurions tried to get to the 7th cockpit. One of them managed to get there, blew a hole in the cockpit window.
Blanco: But! Frak!
Perry: (The) bullet was intended for me, so I won’t complain.
Laws: Please. Tell me I was not in the news
[temporary loss of audio]
Perry nods.
Douglas: Sounds as if Pacifica wasn’t the target this time. How much longer can we keep up this running?
Laws: Why hit the 7th?
Douglas: Seems the attacks are increasing and we’ve got next to no Tylium.
Alderson: Major hub for civie traffic.
Laws: I’d really like the reporter escorted off the ship.
Dr. Whiteberry: Um, I came to check if anyone needed treatment.
Perry: well, there is not really any alternative, is there ?
Blanco: So, a member of the government died?
Douglas: Not yet, but Dr. Dagger is in serious condition.
Laws: (The) 7th was attacked Sov.
Sov: What!?
Bachman: I’d like them all shot and our resources spent on people who might actually contribute to society, but that’s just me.
Alderson: Lost 3 ships out the fleet. The Queen was hit. Reports are still coming in.
Douglas: Have there been talks of discussing the proposal offered by the Cylons at the summit?
Laws: We lost a ship and the TQ took heavy damage. Barely saved it.
Laws: You out of Hack Sov?
Sov: Gods…
Perry: Proposal?
Sov: What Laws?
Blanco: (thinking) Mmm Dagger? Representing which colony?
Douglas: (shouting aside) Picon.
Dr. Whiteberry: I think it would be best if those without medical degrees stopped speculating about peoples’ conditions.
Laws: A pilot not allowed to fly. That’s hack if I ever heard it.
Perry: The proposal…to roll over and die? No, I don’t think so.
[temporary loss of audio]
Perry shrugs
Perry: You already have all the info on the summit that you need; they were the aggressors, they offered us nothing but death. We didn’t accept.
Dr. Whiteberry: anyone here get hit during the raid?
Blanco: My viper hasn’t taken any hits.
Alderson: Not me, I was out in the fleet when we were attacked.
Dr. Whiteberry: I was pretty busy, I know there were a few marines and pilots over there.
Laws: My ship got frakked up and a cylon blew it up.
Douglas: Is there anything civilians can do at this time? Do we need to start more stringent rationing?
Perry: We can’t tell yet. If civilians want to help, there are always ways to help.
Sov: Any dead?
Perry: Call your ship’s captains, ask them what is needed.
Douglas: Are you restricting travel between ships at this time?
Perry: No, the skies seem clear right now.
[temporary audio interference…]
Douglas: Do we have any estimates on casualties, and what was the name of the ship that was destroyed?
Perry: The ship destroyed was the Copper Queen, an old small freighter out of Caprica. Nothing on casualties yet.
Blanco: The last…news…said that he was in critical condition, but not dead.
Laws: What’s going on around here?
Dr. Whiteberry: Well, I am going to head to TQ I heard there were injured there.
Douglas: I overheard radiological alarms when the TQ attack occurred, was it a tactical nuke that they used?
Sov: Any damage to the BS?
Alderson: Minor.
Perry: No, the radiological alarms came from the Copper Queen’s reactor when she exploded.
Laws: One Cylon boarded as a diversion.
Douglas: I see
Perry: Honestly, they haven’t used any nukes since the attack on The Twelve. If remember correctly that is.
Douglas: But we have…today.
Perry: (silence)
Alderson: I think it’s safe to assume there after out Tylium and supply ships.
Alderson: Which means, we’re pretty much screwed.
Laws: We’re pretty screwed.
Sov: No we’re not… We have suffered worse…
Alderson: I take it you haven’t heard about our tylium reserves and water shortage.
Perry: If you will excuse me now, Mr. Douglas. I am needed elsewhere.
Douglas: Certainly, sir. This is Kiltcheck Douglas. I’ll be broadcasting more information to all of you as it becomes available.

[end feed]


14 Responses to “Live report re-broadcast from Pacifica”

  1. Argo Blanco said

    Mr. Douglas this conversation has been edited, some sentences were cut off and some aren’t in the correct orders. Not an example of a correct journalism.
    Plus register and develope any stuff from the Pacifica CIC is not allowed i think, but i leave this to my superiors.

    Lt(jr) Argo Blanco.

  2. Lt. Blanco,

    I beg to differ. I believe I have a high level of journalistic integrity with regard to the veracity of my reports, and I’m sure your command will agree. In fact, I was the one who investigated the letter from the Tylium Queen before we posted it. And, look what has happened since…QED. I am fully backed by FNS in my reports and we stand by them.

    The order was changed in only a very few instances to provide clarity and flow to the interview. You’ll note that the video is in the correct order and was during the live broadcast. We did have some technical difficulties and a few comments were made off the record. In addition, portions of your discussions in the CIC may not have registered on our equipment which might also be part of what you interpret as discrepancies.

    The substance of discussions was never changed! I stand by this report in its entirety!

    Additionally, grammatical and spelling mistakes were edited in the transcript to save embarrassment on the behalf of those present (although since we have all been busy with assisting military and civilian authorities during this disaster, one or two may have been missed). I’m sure you’d prefer that I do not name names in this instance. The material was not otherwise changed.

    And for your clarification, I do not answer to the military. I believe it is you who answer to us under the law. What is shown is what happened. I can see absolutely nothing in the transcript that deals with anything of high security and that is not already known at this point. If you are not happy with this, then you had all best be aware of your behavior when a live interview is in progress, and your command crew may want to ensure that we are not within audio distance of your Command center.


    Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

  3. leandrahwhiteberry said

    Mr. Douglas,

    I note you edited out my comment to you that your “reporting” was, in some cases, not “news” but “voyeurism.”

    The injured have an absolute right to privacy and the physicians, already under a great deal of stress, have the right not to be held under a microscope while attempting to save lives.

    A post-operative report should be all that is news worthy, and had you given me the chance, I would have provided you with one.

    Your intrusiveness is not only unprofessional, it is counter-productive to what we are trying to accomplish in the operating room – the preservation of human life.

    You would do well to ponder this, Mr. Douglas. Displaying compassion might make you a better reporter.


    Leandrah E. Whiteberry, MD.

  4. Dr. Whiteberry,

    Your comments about “voyeurism” were not on record as they were made to me personally in the shuttle to Pacifica when I was not reporting. It is you who is actually doing the “editing” and “spinning” here.

    If you had read the transcript of the report on the 7th, I had just entered the room when I saw the Commander and asked her what was happening. That’s my job. I meant no interference in your operating theater and was outside of the room while asking my questions. I had no idea at the time that it was her wife that was the injured party, and instead put my questions to Rep. Aya who was there at the time.

    These are what we in the media call “human interest stories”. It puts a face on what otherwise is only a statistic that is provided by you. It makes our Military and Government more human in the eyes of the fleet and brings out their compassion. Remember, the only time most of the fleet gets to see the Command staff or Government officials is on a broadcast of some sort. So, they only see that public face and judge them accordingly. But they are whole people, with moments of doubt, foibles, compassion and sorrow just like the rest of us. As public officials or spokespeople, they know that they are under our scrutiny and must take the good with the bad.

    In terms of my personal compassion, I was the person responsible for organizing FNS related to the “Civilian Advisory following today’s attacks” posted on this site and our statement there. And I’ve been without sleep for quite some time helping people through this crisis. Your statement about my lack of compassion is out of place, it’s compassion that drives me to do my job.

    At times, I have to put my personal feelings aside (just as you must to be able to do your work) in order to bring the fleet this side of the news as well, to expose the truth in all its glories and tragedies, so that the larger part of what remains of humanity can be brought together in times of both celebration and crisis.


    Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

  5. leandrahwhiteberry said

    Mr. Douglas,

    Thank you for correcting my impression of you and putting into perspective your journalistic ethics. You are the first reporter I have ever met who has refused to print a comment not heard in the context of an interview. Would that these same high standards had applied to comments made by me during the course of operating on Ms. Haldberg. Or are your ethical standards fungible, changing as it suits your needs?

    You need not school me in the ways of “the media,” Mr. Douglas; I am more than a little acquainted with them. As head medical illustrator at Caprica University Medical Center, I was part of the team that worked with the media to explain the new and innovative surgical procedures being developed there. In addition, it was my responsibility to work with the media when my family had fund-raising events on Tauron.

    I do not question your general intent. Your report on Rep. Pfeiffer is a wonderful example of a well-crafted interview and an important human interest story. It is a story that needed to be told and well told it was. Your skill and talent are evident.

    The difference between that report and the intrusive report on the surgery being performed on Ms. Haldberg is stark. In one case you had a willing participant who accepted your invitation to tell her side of the story. In the other you stood, not unlike a peeping tom, invading the privacy of others to provide your readers with information and utterances that in no way rise to the level of “news.”

    If you think I have the ability to block out all activity surrounding me while I am feverishly working to save a life, you could not be more wrong. My concern over the equally injured Dr. Dagger, who I had triaged but not treated, the reports coming from TQ, my feelings about the people who may have been hurt and your combative attitude with the commander all served to overwhelm me and break my concentration. When lives are in the balance, this kind of behavior on your part can have deadly consequences.

    Your persistence to the point of being physically ejected exemplifies the worst in reporting. You, as the reporter, stepped over the line and ceased to be the observer – you became part of the of the story.

    Perhaps you are just young and inexperienced. I am sure the newsroom has archival footage. Why not dust off copies of the coverage of the first cylon war by some of our great combat reporters to see how it is done correctly? You will grow in your ability as a reporter and the fleet will be better served by your coverage.

    Leandrah E. Whiteberry, MD.

  6. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    “And for your clarification, I do not answer to the military. I believe it is you who answer to us under the law.”

    We answer to the President, Mr Douglas. By law. Not to you.

    Live transmission from any restricted area on the Pacifica, especially CIC, is a violation of law and could result in espionage charges. The XO has been quite clear in times past that he has no difficulties in throwing a reporter in the brig.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  7. The President is an elected official who represents the people. If you report to the President, you are in effect, a servant of the people, albeit indirectly.

    I was not inside the CIC conducting my interview, I was in the hallway in the vicinity of the CIC and your chatter carried from there.

    If I was in violation of your policies, I would have assumed Captain Perry would have made comment or moved the interview. That did not happen. And, none of the other command staff took action either. In this instance, it appears that their (Captain Perry and the officer on duty’s) judgment call was that there was nothing amiss in how this was conducted. At this point, I recommend you take this matter up with Captain Perry directly.

    It is usually more convenient for your staff to meet onboard your ship for interviews rather than in our offices. Unfortunately, the types of newsworthy events have been of the sort where immediate feeds were required. If we don’t show up and ask the questions and raise the issues they do not get addressed. Ask the Tylium Queen. Ask Lauri Mayfair.

    I’d much prefer to cover stories like I’ve done with my Government interviews, the rescue of “Sov”, the hydroponics and the like. But you have to take the good with the bad. And sometimes, especially lately, it’s been more bad news. Did you actually READ my interview and what I covered. You shouldn’t have a problem with what I’d asked. It sounds like you’re all more worried about CYA than anything else. Why don’t you take some of this energy and vitriol and turn it on the Cylons. It would be far more constructive.

    If we could reliably meet with someone in times of crisis in a non-secure area of the ship we’d prefer it. We don’t like getting in the way of your ability to defend our fleet. But, without cooperation on the part of Pacifica command that isn’t possible. Just make sure it’s a room without an airlock.

  8. Marcus Perry said

    ((To my defense: We WERE standing outside CIC and although we were within CHAT range of people in CIC, in “RL” it would not have been possible to overhear the situation in CIC – I therefore assumed that the “unaudible” chat elements would be deleted from the interview. Trust me, I wont make that mistake again.))

  9. ((People were coming and going thru CIC, so I felt it was reasonable that things would’ve been picked up, several were standing in the doorway and some of these conversations were right behind me in the hall.

    FYI to all…
    I strongly feel that this reflects the type of drama that might occur on the show which is why I included it just this once; to generate this kind of response. Things like this can and “do” take place in RL. ‘Course I realize there are consequences; it was meant to, and as a player I’m willing to accept that. I hope you all realize I take NONE of this personally. I’m rather enjoying it, and I hope you are too by the number of responses generated by these particular stories. Not meaning to dilute the “realism” of this news blog. Again, no hurt feelings here and hope there are none on your side.

    It also gave all of the command characters and those involved opportunity to speak out just as they would. Look at all of the great in-character responses it has created and another opportunity for conflict of a different sort (after all, conflict is required in drama)! There are a lot of journalists out there that have done far worse in RL and I wanted to add in a taste of that here. Could censorship of the press or even so much as a Blackout be far behind after something like this? It’s quite possible! I also used this particular opportunity because the nature of the conversation was not related to anything “top secret.”

    I also wanted to illustrate the potential problems and mistakes that even the best make in such emergency situations; and to show players that you never know who might be listening within game! Remember, our players are also the “viewers” of our “show”. They’d love to get the nitty gritty and hear the trash talk ’bout stuff that they missed. Only a few characters were there, and this gives “everyone” the opportunity to do it. It gives them the experience of having been there which is why I did it with this and the other story.

    Yes, I know I could’ve put this on the OOC, but hey, I’ve only got so much time. This was not meant to be metagaming, but was an opportunity. It also allowed us some additional roleplay offline with all of the problems that have been going on lately in SL! I’m sure this situation won’t happen again, ’cause y’all won’t let it. In the future, I doubt that my character will be let anywhere near the CIC…lol…I know I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    Hopefully, that puts any questions on player actions to rest, I feel I haven’t got any further explanation than this. If you have a problem with this and/or wish to undo this/revise history, that’s your right. But, please speak to one of the GMs directly to resolve it. Although, it doesn’t look like it’s going that way or needs to.))

  10. Marcus Perry said

    ((Fully there with ya. In case it came through that way, I didn’t intend to flame anyone. Let’s say you had a ultra-sensitive mike on your cam at the time and that you weren’t opposed to the thought of capturing some convos from CIC. And I, on the other hand was under a lot of stress and neither had the time nor the patience to get you to a more quiet area. And certainly we will let you near CIC – just without camera and fully naked so you can’t hide any more mikes ! 😉 ))

  11. ((LOL! I could kiss you…off-camera of course. And BTW..never took your comment as a flame at all, sorry if I gave that understanding, but after re-reading it, I could see how that might be an interpretation so I took that line out. My intent is just to do some proactive work to prevent any personal misunderstandings and keep us all a properly dysfunctional fleet. 😉 ))

  12. Argo Blanco said

    (( Kiltcheck i think no one is taking this from a personal side. We are all role-playing. As you say the conflict are part of the drama, it will be boring if it will be only “humans vs cylons” 😉 plus all this critics means that you have checkings, and if you have them you are doing your job well. But from our side (military) we play well if we criticize this journalistic conduct and we want to protect the privacy of our reserved areas, as RL militars in fact do))

  13. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    If you want to pretend in some roundabout and indirect way that the military is responsible to the citizenry, then I invite you to continue with that particular fiction.

    Let me spell it out for you, Mr Douglas. Eavesdropping on, and printing the spoken words of personnel inside of CIC, regardless of where you are located, is nothing short of espionage. If you’re going to have an interview with Captain Perry, then you stick to that interview.

    This is exactly why the so-called “press” needs to be removed from Pacifica in its entirety. An official mouthpiece should be designated. Military personnel in general should be ordered not to speak with reporters without prior approval from their senior chain of command.

    ((For the record, whenever I start and end my post with “Major” in front of my name, that means it’s in character. My character, like others, has had run-ins with the press that have given her the opinon that Cylons are less treacherous and have more redeeming qualities than reporters. You live and die by the actions of those that have come before you, I’m afraid.))

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  14. yevka laws said

    I do not believe that all my comments were posted acurately here. When I walk into the room after a mission I should be notified if there is an interview or recording so I can not inadvertantly report classified information.

    I also should and will in the future show due diligence.

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