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Live report re-broadcast from 7th Heaven

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Kiltcheck Douglas reporting live from a transport shuttle on my way to 7th Heaven.

Explosion on the Tylium Queen
What you’re seeing now appears to be an explosion in the landing bay of the Tylium Queen. A shuttle just exploded and the damage appears to be extensive. The vipers are covering us from Cylon Raider fire. Raiders appear to be…well, they appear to be everywhere. As we approach 7th Heaven I can see Centurions have boarded the vessel and are inside the dome firing at anything that moves. Dear Gods. We’re maneuvering now into the docking bay. (shouted aside) Hey, are you sure we should be landing here now…I just saw Centurions in there?

Pilot (off-camera): We’re being ordered to…just take cover as soon as we’re down.

[…Temporary feed interruption…]

Sorry folks, having some technical difficulties here in the field. But, I’m back, now on the dome of 7th Heaven and moving downstairs into Afterburners. You can see here, plenty of evidence of the gunfire that I witnessed on our approach. There’s no one here right now so I’m heading down now to the clinic to find out what’s happened.

As you can see the place is full and the doctors and nurses are working hard trying to handle all of the casualties. I see Commander Nephilim over here…

[Camera pans into a room with Commander Nephilim]
Douglas: Commander, what’s going on?
Cmdr. Nephilim eyes the reporter warily.
Douglas: Word is the TQ was nearly destroyed?
Anonymous image rec'd of Cap’n Halberd after attack on 7th Heaven
[Operating Room comes into view where Nephilim is standing]
[Most voices off-camera from within the operating room]
Dr. Whiteberry gently cuts into the ragged edges of flesh of the injured Captain Halberd.
Eyea Aya concentrates on the spirit, feeling it flow through her.
Dr. Whiteberry: TQ? TQ (gasp). Ronon!
Douglas: And no one seems to be able to find the President.
BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Marcus Perry: COPPER QUEEN, we show an increase in radiation and energy levels… come in (desperate)
Douglas: I have video of the explosion as I was heading on a shuttle back to Colonial One.
Dr. Whiteberry swoons.
Dr. Whiteberry: Athena give me strength.
BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Marcus Perry: All ships, increase distance to COPPER QUEEN.
Eyea Aya: Are you ok Doctor?
Cmdr. Nephilim: There are reports still coming in we just got put that camera away or your audience will have a real show…
Dr. Whiteberry: Yes, yes, I heard something about TQ almost getting destroyed. Ronon…
Douglas: It ain’t news if it’s already over…I understand there were attacks here as well.
Dr. Whiteberry begins stitching together the edges of Tanya’s muscles.
Eyea Aya: I had just left there, before the attack.
BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Marcus Perry: All ships, maintain maximum security distance. COPPER QUEEN’s reactor is going critical, I repeat…*static*
Douglas: All we keep getting is “reports are coming in,” but we never get any details…
Dr. Whiteberry: Siri? where is Siri?
Capt. Halberd sees the room foggily as if from a distance.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Put that Gods damned camera away!
Eyea Aya: She is with me here, on my back.
Douglas: And no one seems to be able to locate the President…
Whiteberry: Oh, I didn’t see her, thank the gods.
Eyea Aya: Concentrate on your patient Doctor.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Last chance you have.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Put
Cmdr. Nephilim: It
Cmdr. Nephilim: Away!!
Dr. Whiteberry: Andi continues to pull together the edges of her muscles
[temporary loss of video…audio still being carried]
Eyea Aya: Commander, a bit of patience please.
Dr. Whiteberry: Missy, I am going to need some whole blood for her.
Douglas: People want to know what’s going on…
Eyea Aya: Ms. Tanya is going to be ok I believe.
Douglas: (hearing Aya) Oh, frak. (apologetic) I…I’m sorry…
Halderman: Yes Doctor, I will get some blood.
Douglas: I had no idea. Is she going to be alright?
Eyea Aya: Mr. Douglas, I am sure you can do your job, in a non-confrontational way.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Train your scopes on that planetoid out there…see that mushroom cloud..the first of many.
[the video resumes, pans to portal window and zooms in to capture an image of a planetoid with an obvious atomic explosion]
[The voices of Dr. Whiteberry, Nurse Halderman now off-camera]
Halderman: Here’s the blood Doctor.
Dr. Whiteberry: Thanks just piggy back it into her IV, please.
Halderman: Right away.
[camera turns to Aya]
Eyea Aya: We have seriously injured people here, the Commander’s wife is one of them.
Douglas: Perhaps you can help Ms. Aya, you are a rep on the Quorum are you not?
Eyea Aya: Yes I am.
Halderman attaches the blood packet to the IV machine.
Dr. Whiteberry: OK, let’s roll her over gently Missy, and close up that exit wound.
Douglas: Sadly, the government has been poor at communicating what’s going on to the people of the fleet, it is up to the Press Corps to bring people the truth.
Dr. Whiteberry: Not bad, didn’t tear things up too badly.
Eyea Aya: I understand you needs. It is your job.
Dr. Whiteberry: You better check on Conell…
Halderman: Yes Doctor.
Douglas: You know, I’m doing’ my job too, and I do have a heart, so lets go into the other room…
Eyea Aya: You must also understand the feelings at a time like this.
Dr. Whiteberry: This won’t take much longer.
Douglas: Connell? So Dr. Dagger is wounded too?
[pans over to discover Dr. Dagger of Picon on another stretcher unconscious]
Dr. Dagger is seriously injured following the assault on 7th Heaven
Eyea Aya: Yes he is, very badly.
Douglas: Dear Gods!
Eyea Aya: It was an awful experience, the attack.
Dr. Whiteberry: (desperate) Tanya, stay with me…
Halderman: He’s bleeding bad. There’s blood all over the bed.
Dr. Whiteberry: Gods, I better get to him, can you finish closing Tanya?
Halderman: Yes, Doctor.
Eyea Aya: They used machine guns. I was in the Dome, playing my flute, when I heard the gunfire begin.
Douglas: I know you would probably like to provide spiritual support for those suffering right now…but can you describe what happened…
Dr. Whiteberry: Just pull together the edges of the muscle and stitch, pull the next layer together and stitch, keep an eye on her vitals.
Halderman: Yes, Doctor.
Eyea Aya: It was below me, in the Afterburner bar. They were…shooting Tanya, and I heard her scream.
Dr. Whiteberry: I promise she will be fine, Commander, I promise.
Eyea Aya: I ran to see what I could do and ran face to face with a machine. They were about to fire on me, when they saw little Siri on my back. They just, stopped and left.
Douglas: That’s very odd.
Eyea Aya: (pensive silence)
Douglas: (changing the subject) We’ve been unable to reach the President…any word from her?
Eyea Aya: No, I have not heard anything from her.
[Camera pans over to Commander Nephilim to catch her concerned look just inside the OR]
Halderman: Ok, ok, ok…onto last part
Cmdr. Nephilim sights in on the camera.
Cmdr. Nephilim: YOU! Give me the camera.
Douglas: Just adjusting the focus ma’am.
Cmdr. Nephilim: NOW!!!!!!
Douglas: You have no right!
Cmdr. Nephilim aims clamshell at his temple, safety off.
Dr. Whiteberry: Ok, frak how did I miss that?
Eyea Aya: Please, Mr. Douglas, it is time for you to leave here.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Not with that camera he’s not.
Douglas: What’s next? Taking control of the frakking government, martial law?
Cmdr. Nephilim: Press your luck paperboy and find out.
Halderman: That about does it.
Cmdr. Nephilim cocks hammer.
[upload complete flashes in lower portion of video screen]
Eyea Aya: (calmly pleading) Commander. Please. Put the weapon down.
Cmdr. Nephilim: 5
Cmdr. Nephilim: 4
Cmdr. Nephilim: 3
Douglas: Pull that trigger and it’s murder. I’m broadcasting live here and I’ve got the fleet as my witness…
Cmdr. Nephilim: 2
Eyea Aya: Commander!
Douglas: Alright…

[camera points to the floor then goes wild and out]
[…end feed]


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