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BREAKING NEWS: Viper Bays and FTL on Pacifica Hit by Cylons

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Live Broadcast and Archive by Kiltcheck Douglas

The wireless was a-buzz today from yet another Cylon attack; the second in two days. Unfortunately, due to security lock-downs, shuttles being out-of-service, and comms blackouts, this reporter was isolated for the majority of the day. However, I was lucky enough to get the following exclusive interview with Commander Nephilim herself, which was broadcast live this evening from the deck of 7th Heaven. Here is the transcript for those that were unable to view it due to media blackouts and general comms problems following today’s Cylon attack.

(Please pardon the quality of the video, I was having some camera issues today…)

Douglas: I understand there was a serious attack on Pacifica today. Viper bay attacked and disabled, FTL room…

Commander Nephilim

Cmdr. Nephilim: Yes, better on us than our civilian consorts.

Douglas: Can you comment? Is your FTL still functioning?

Cmdr. Nephilim: Reports are still incoming (in) on that, but as I said, we are glad to be here to take the damage as the only military vessel in the Fleet. It’s what we are here for.

Douglas: I can say this civilian appreciates it. However, there was fire against the TQ today…I was onboard when it occurred. And I also understand the dome here (on 7th Heaven) was buzzed by a Raider. Any serious damage to other ships? Did we lose any vipers or raptors?

Cmdr. Nephilim: Sadly the fact that the 7th Heaven is a social hub of the Fleet as well as the Tylium Queen’s link in our fuel supply train make them targets as well. (And, )that information is still being tallied.

Douglas: Casualties?

Cmdr. Nephilim: All of that is still being determined…you know, Fog of War.

Douglas: Shuttle service has been offline for much of the day…would you say we’re back to operating status, or are we still on high alert?

Cmdr. Nephilim: We are always on some level of alert these days. Some are just more stringent than others.

Douglas: How many more jumps can we make with most of our tylium being destroyed by sabotage?

Commander Nephilim

Cmdr. Nephilim: (frowns) That is a question of high security not available to the press.

Douglas: Actually, it’s a matter of record at this point, perhaps not military…[see the open letter to the FNS from the TQ, filed under Rumor Mill]. Are you going to step up security on the other ships of the colonies like the Tylium Queen which recently lost its stockpile from suspected Cylon sabboteurs?

Cmdr. Nephilim: Civilian authorities are transitioning in at this time to regulate security. Cylon involvement at this point is alleged. There are insurgent humans a-plenty. And, my Marines are no police force.

Douglas: Do you worry about having to spread your resources out this thinly right now to protect so many potential high-level targets?

Cmdr. Nephilim: We meet the challenges of protecting the Fleet head-on daily. Excuse me, I have other functions to attend to.

Douglas: Thank you for your time Commander.


One Response to “BREAKING NEWS: Viper Bays and FTL on Pacifica Hit by Cylons”

  1. starbuckk said

    As the commander alluded to, civilian security is being revitalized. Quorum Resolution 20071101 was recently passed, authorizing and funding the President to create an office of civilian law enforcement that will work in conjunction with ship security officers to improve our civilian security conditions and deal with the concerns raised both here and from the dedicated workers of the Tylium Queen.

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