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Breaking News – Tylium Queen Held Hostage!

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

This message is being repeated over Civilian Wireless…

To whom it clearly does not concern,

The Colonial Mining Syndicate hearby takes control of the Tylium Queen.

There is no captain to obstruct us. There is no security force to prevent us. There are no marines to stand against us.

Cilvilians of the Colonial Fleet, your government is feckless and inept. The military you so willingly place your faith in does not care for you. They live on a whim and a prayer, and today we put an end to it. It is time to face reality and the consquences of inaction.

Last week, Cylons have destroyed the last stockpile of tylium fuel aboard the Tylium Queen. Today they wrecked any chance of future mining operations. Did your governement pay any heed? No. Did your military send any aid? No. Do either of them listen to our pleas? No.

We stand alone.

We are used to adversity. We are used to danger. We have repaired our mining ship, on which you depend, in spite of them all. And we are ready.

Within two weeks, the last shipment of tylium to the refinery will have run dry. Another week, and your fuel tanks will follow suit. You will be dead in space.

Salvation lies with us.

Our demands will be met.

An envoy will be sent to make them.

Until then, the Tylium Queen is closed. Anyone not on the Tylium Queen crew attempting to breach the blockade will be shot on sight. All operations for the Fleet have been ceased. Captain Vendetta will be arrested if she steps aboard our ship. Any attempt to invade by force will be met with drastic measures.

You were warned. You are warned. You will now listen.

As of now a civilian security force is taking up post outside the blockade and awaiting discussions between the  Colonial Mining Syndicate and theGovernment to take place.

More as we know it! 


7 Responses to “Breaking News – Tylium Queen Held Hostage!”

  1. Unknown Source said

    As a matter of fact, PACIFICA Damage Control and firefighter teams were immediately dispatched to combat the fire that would have destroyed the TQ. Led by one of PACIFICAS pilots, they saved the ship and evacuated everyone aboard. So, the military DID send aid.

  2. That’s not entirely correct.

    After the shuttle bay was hit in the Cylon raid, we had to fend for ourselves. Those of us who had hazard suits gathered those who did not, and got as many clear of the vessel as we could before the shuttle service was shut down. Then we did our best to contain the fire to the hanger deck, before we tried to restart the air compressors and purge the ducts in an effort to slow down the spread of toxic fumes (unrefined tylium leaked into the main air supply due to a hull breach between the hanger deck and the galley deck above, where the FTL drive and life support machinery is housed). Once we had done all we could, we space walked clear of the vessel. I remained to the last, to do a final sweep, just in case we missed anyone, especially the Oracle’s child, who is known to hide among the crates – I didn’t see her in the evacuation, so I was naturally worried. Almost an hourlater, when I saw a girl we’d missed, I tried to fix the shortband radio, and sent out a distress call. That’s when a Raptor was sent, and I was lifted out with the girl.

    So, no one came when we needed it most. A single Raptor rescued two crew members, after everyone else got out, and the fire was already contained. I suspect no one would have come unless I sent out the distress call. “Immediate” was an hour after the incident, the “damage control and firefighter team” was one Raptor pilot, the ship was already made safe, and the evacuation was of the last two remaining crew members on board.

  3. Unknown Source said

    You are lucky you only have ONE ship to look after. PACIFICA has to look after about a hundret !
    My point is: you said no one cared, no one came to your aid. That is simply wrong.

  4. Um, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t make this broadcast. I’m nothing to do with this Syndicate. I just didn’t want the efforts of the crew, or my own endeavours, to be overlooked.

    It may only be one ship, but it’s my home. It’s where I live. And I’m not in any way ungrateful to those who risked their lives to answer my distress call. But I do sympathise with at least some of the sentiments the Syndicate expressed, even if I disagree with the actions they took. There was no aid for the food and water supply shortage. The only people who came to us after the last attack were the FNS reporters, and now you claim the military saved us, single handed. I found that shocking.

    Let us live by the truth, and not propaganda.

  5. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    The military fought off the Cylons. That’s our job. Anything else is beyond that. The fact that you and your ship still exist today can be attributed to the military.

    We were dealing with a crisis that extended to over a hundred different ships. We have just one battlestar, and it never had a full crew and Marine complement to begin with. Didn’t like being on your own? There’s dozens of ships that were in the same predicament as yours. Have you ever attempted a ship to ship rescue in the middle of a major Cylon attack? We only have three Raptors left. Yes, that’s right. Three. We had two doing Electronic Warefare, and the third was doing Search and Rescue as it could. Be grateful that it did get to your ship at all. The twelve Vipers that we had left before the attack – that’s right, twleve – were doing as much as they could. Twelve Vipers and three Raptors against the onslaught. And after the attack, we don’t ave twelve Vipers anymore.

    So yes, let us live by the truth, not propaganda. The truth is that the military, with absolutely no support from the soft, coddled civilians in this fleet, continue to fight and die to protect you. We’re often overwhelmed by what we’re up against. Marines go hungry because of lack of food (it’s a fleetwide problem). New pilots get no training because there’s no tylium to power the half dozen Vipers we have in flyable condition at any given time. Our gunners are forced to conserve their ammo because there’s none left to be had when the current supply runs out. Precious resources that should be used to keep the military in fighting order are continuously taken away by the civilian government to brown nose with the voters. And when something bad happens, it’s the unsupported military that continuously gets the blame.

    And yet, the fine “reporters” of the News-Review don’t seem to care about that story. As long as they get film of the Commander’s wife lying in agony on the operating room table, and get to misquote people consuming the seeming limitless amounts of alcohol in the fleet, they could care less about reporting the truth. If you’re looking for the truth out of this tabloid, Ms Mayfair, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.

    We’re out of food, we’re out of fuel, we’re almost out of ammo, and we’re about out of fighters and marines to use that ammo and fuel. But we have swimming pools, and booze, and socialators. I suggest those of you that have a mind to, throw yourselves one last, giant pool party.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commander, 47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  6. Major Stiglitz, I had no idea that things were so bad. Put like that, the plight of the Tylium Queen, even if it is the sole remaining mining ship in the Fleet, is of minor concern, as are the lives of those who serve upon it. I offer my sincerest apology for highlighting the inaccuracy of the first comment to this report, and that there might be others doing what they can to keep themselves and those that they care for alive.

  7. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    I’m not trying to belittle the plight of those on the TQ, Ms Mayfair. My point is that it’s bad all around, and probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

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