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EXCLUSIVE: Getting to Know our Government: Dr. Innis, Rep for Virgon

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 19, 2007

Exclusive Video Interview by Kiltcheck Douglas

The night before last, I met with Dr. Shaheen Innis, Representative of Virgon on the Quorum, and Chief of Civilian Medicine, in her clinic aboard 7th Heaven for a video interview in my continuing series of “Getting to Know our Government.”

Douglas: So, Ms. Innis, what inspired you to run for office for our new government?

Dr. Innis

Innis: Well, my family had always been involved in government on Virgon. I wanted to uphold that tradition and the Virgon traditions. By the same token, we are moving forward in a new direction and I want to make this new world better.

Douglas: Do you find it difficult to hold office along with your other medical responsibilities?

Innis: Yes. We are short staffed here in the clinic but we manage.

Douglas: What do you see as being your greatest challenge so far?

Innis: Getting the quorum to follow some (sort of) structure. I am trying to bring in Robert’s Rules [of Order].

Douglas: Very Virgoan. (chuckles) [aside to readers: I’m from Virgon myself]

Innis: Well, we were one of the better off colonies for a reason.

Douglas: (chuckles) I’m not exactly sure that was why…

Innis: (resuming) Once we are organized, the more effective we can be in addressing the needs of the people.

Douglas: In talking with the Secretary of Agriculture, Ms. Vicky Vielle, we have some serious concerns related to food/water resources, how do we stand with medical resources?

Innis: We are fairly well supplied. We do run blood drives and have become good at scavenging and using the well stocked supplies in sickbay on the Pacifica.

Douglas: Are there any particular supplies we are short on of blood that we should send the message out for now through this interview?

Innis: Yes, we are always looking for blood [of all types, and] we are always looking for and supplies for drugs. Luckily, we do have a chemist on staff.

Douglas: Obviously, you were a physician before the war? Where did you practice?

Innis: Yes. Mainly on my father’s ships.

Douglas: And I take it that’s why you’re here now?

Innis: Yes, one of the transport ships carrying Virgon Brew is why I am here (giggles a bit)

Douglas: (laughs heartily at the brew comment) And I’m mighty glad we have some! (resuming inquiry) As you worked on a family owned ship, were you lucky enough to have some family survive?

Dr. Innis

Innis: No. (long pause) Sadly, my dad and mom were home on Virgon when the attack happened.

Douglas: I’m very sorry.

Innis: (returning from her reverie) The crew did survive.

Douglas: That is indeed a blessing from the Gods.

Innis: Yes, and I look forward to rebuilding a better place.

Douglas: Speaking of rebuilding…how are we doing in terms of new births?

Innis: Well…(happily) we do have expecting mothers…and I look forward for this clinic being full of newborns.

Douglas: So say we all.

Innis: So say we all. The more birth we have the brighter the future for humanity.

Douglas: There have been some concerns voiced by a few in the fleet that you’re a “doctor for the rich.” How would you like to respond to that?

Innis: Well, I have not turned anyone down for treatment. I make a point of doing rounds to all the ships in the fleet. I know not everyone can make there way to the 7th. Everyone is treated to the best of my and my staff’s abilities.

Douglas: And, concerning the Sagittarons?

Innis: (confused) What about them? I treat them as well; they are human just like myself.

Douglas: Of course, but many have expressed concerns over their denial of medical coverage when they are carrying communicable diseases.

Innis: The human race is small. Every single life counts.

Douglas: How do you balance their religious views over the needs of the larger health of the fleet?

Innis: They have been treated; just kept from harming others.

Douglas: Any final words for the fleet?

Innis: It is a balancing act, but when push comes to shove, I have to say I would error on the side of keeping humanity alive.

Douglas: Thank you very much Ms. Innis. We appreciate your time in what we know is a very busy schedule.

Innis: You are quite welcome.


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