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Dirty Dishes: Doc-Doc-Goose

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 19, 2007

7th Heaven was anything BUT when push came to shove late last evening; as in shoving one of a pair of Doctor lovers into the drink (or, more precisely, into the fountain under the Dome). Word is, the Doc had it coming to him. Sounds like “one of these things is not like the other,” and the Goose finally picked up the clue-phone. Seems the Doc has enjoyed working under his superior, if you get my drift. Well, not to be bested, this Doc-ling busted the Goose right back in the beak (or chops, if you prefer), giving him something to remember. Right in front of his medical mistress! How dramatic! Can’t you just smell the reek of testosterone? Sad to say, but a reporter friend of mine (sorry pumpkin…) showed up in time to witness the event and ended up adding to the ruffled feathers and squawking when he should’a kept his lusciously sweet derrière out of the pond. Is it just me, or does this sound more like a night on the TQ, only with bitch slapping instead of knives?

Hopefully, it won’t be the lovers’ swan song; seems they were flirting something fierce around the piano the night before and she’s got a soft spot for him (and visa versa). Could it be they’re headed for nesting, and hatchlings aren’t far behind? Time will tell. We sure could use the newcomers. However, it looks like the Goose is cooked…or he could be considering he was on duty when the incident occurred. Naughty, naughty. It’s alphabet soup for you, only backwards.

If you’ve got some juicy gossip on someone in the fleet, let me know. Make sure to include “For Ivanna: ” at the start of your Subject line. Mail it to:

Until then, my dahlings, keep dishin’.

Fleet Gossip Columnist: Ivanna Dish


4 Responses to “Dirty Dishes: Doc-Doc-Goose”

  1. NuggetAssRaider said

    …do really someone care to read this c**p?

  2. Dear NuggetAssRaider,

    Dahling, pull that dried up “nugget” of coal out of your “ass”; it’s practically a diamond already!

    Haven’t you seen the comments on my first story? Obviously, there are people who are capable of giving a crap about this, otherwise I wouldn’t be getting all of this delicious dirt?! Who said you have to read it? (Although, obviously, you DID!)

    I’m just telling it like it is. This column gives people a little sparkle in our otherwise dreary lives out here in the great dark. Got a problem with that, bub?

    My column isn’t for the meek of heart, which makes me wonder how you passed your medicals…Or, could it be? Perhaps some of what I’m getting (or have already reported) is about you, and someone is getting a little sensitive?! Try the Preparation H, honey; I understand the seats on those Vipers are rough.

    Bobbing and’a weaving,

    Ivanna Dish

  3. Kazimie Alderson said

    So this is freedom of the press? Gossip columns…. its a sad day in the fleet.

  4. starbuckk said

    It’s not so sad really. It means we still have preserved our humanity. Even the ugly side of humanity is more attractive than the alternative to life.

    We need to loosen our shorts a bit once in awhile and find reasons to laugh. And frankly this article, despite its unfortunate origin in taking advantage of someone else’s pain, was never the less a gut buster.

    A special friend of mine says “Live-Love-Laugh”. Good advice!

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