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EXCLUSIVE: Pfeffer Speaks Out

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 18, 2007

Exclusive Video Interview by Kiltcheck Douglas

Last evening at Afterburners on 7th Heaven, I ran into Representative Stephi Pfeffer of Gemenon, who had just been released from custody. I have been planning a series of “Getting to Know Your Government” and this seemed like an excellent person to begin with. When I approached her for an interview, she was eager to speak about her experience. The two of us retired to the quiet of the Quorum chambers for this interview.

Rep. Pfeffer

Douglas: Let’s get the whole Summit situation out of the way first.

Pfeffer: OK.

Douglas: I understand that you were present among several others at a summit with the Cylons, can you tell me from your perspective what happened?

Pfeffer: Yes, it was my idea to attempt a temporary ceasefire that would hopefully lead to peace talks.

Douglas: Then…we approached the Cylons first?

Pfeffer: No, they approached us for a prisoner exchange.

Douglas: And, just for the record, that prisoner was…?

Pfeffer: That information I do not have.

Douglas: I understand. I believe that prisoner was shot during this summit, correct?

Pfeffer: In fact, I am only mostly certain that they contacted us first. I don’t think we have the means to contact them. (holding back the tears) This has been so stressful. I don’t know what went wrong at the summit.

Douglas: (Returning to the question) I understand from another source present that the Cylons killed the prisoner. Did they state what they hoped to gain from coming? If there was to be indeed any peace?

Pfeffer: No mention of peace, they said they want to lead us to God…singular… strange concept. (pauses) I don’t know who fired the first shot but I heard that we did. There was a noise and the Cylon prisoner was found dead. I think I was in shock. I blanked out. When I realized what was happening, I could only recognize one person in the midst of all the shooting.

Douglas: I understand that the Cylon that we all knew as D’anna Biers was present.

Pfeffer: Yes, and a woman that looked strangely like me…or very close to it. We were even dressed the same.

Douglas: And this is why you were held in custody?

Pfeffer: I think so (she said tentatively)…There was no other reason.

Douglas: How were you treated during that time? Were you tortured?

Pfeffer: Well, I suppose the way we treat Cylons when we capture them.

Douglas: Interrogated?

Rep. Pfeffer and Kiltcheck Douglas

Pfeffer: I was cursed. I was asked a few questions but they relied more on my blood samples. I was called names when I was taken into custody. (It was) very hurtful.

Douglas: Who did the questioning, and who did this cursing? Military officers, or just the jailhouse guards? Are you seeking a formal apology from them given your vindication?

Pfeffer: Well, Captain Perry took me into custody and I really don’t remember if he asked me anything. I think that everyone was convinced I was a Cylon. Dr. Innis asked questions and took blood once I was aboard Pacifica. I was called names by Captain Perry and other marines. But, no. No apologies so far.

Douglas: That must have been awful.

Pfeffer: I was just simply released

Douglas: How are you feeling now?

Pfeffer: I think I am under an umbrella of suspicion. I feel like I’ve been violated and that I’ve lost every friend I’ve ever had. I am glad that everyone is being supportive, though.

Douglas: I’m sure it was quite an ordeal. What would you like to say to the fleet about this? What was obviously a terrible mistake…

Pfeffer: What would I like to say to the fleet? I am NOT a Cylon. I don’ know what else TO say.

Douglas: Well, I think we’ve covered that topic sufficiently. Now a little to your background.

Pfeffer: What would you like to know?

Douglas: What inspired you to become the Rep for Gemenon?

Pfeffer: Why?…well…I felt that the government needed to be restored and I wanted to give to humanity. Do my part — step up to the plate. I’ve never done anything great. Does that answer the question?

Douglas: So , this was an opportunity to give back?

Pfeffer: Yes, I’ve never done that before. But, I have a different perspective on things since the attack on the colonies.

Douglas: What’s unique about your perspective?

Rep. Pfeffer and Kiltcheck Douglas

Pfeffer: Well, the sense of giving rather than taking. Before the attacks, I only cared about myself — everyone for themselves.

Douglas: And now?

Pfeffer: I don’t think it’s unique…I just never had that perspective before and now I care about all humanity, not just myself.

Douglas: I think many of us can identify with that.

Pfeffer: Yes, I hope so. We need to pull together to survive.

Douglas: And how do you think Gemenons can help us in going forward; what would you like to say to your constituency?

Pfeffer: That’s a rather broad question… That we need to trust and believe in each other and humanity as a whole.

Douglas: Thank you very much Rep. Pfeffer.

Pfeffer: You’re welcome. Thank you.


4 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Pfeffer Speaks Out”

  1. Rep. LizzyD Vendetta said


    I was against the summit from the beginning…wanting to put a bullet in thier heads if I recall correctly. You talked us into giving peace a chance. We knew it could have ben a trap and yet you wanted to go to make it work. You convinced us that peace was worth any price…and those Cylons turned against us yet again.

    I have nothing to appologize to you for Stephi but I do commend you for your determination for peace. You were the one who was hurt most, decieved most, and payed the most.

    I can tell you though, from this point on, I vote to diplomatically put a bullet in those frackers heads, show their bodies the airlock, and hope their bodies land on the nearest Cylon planet.


  2. Vicky Vielle said


    My heart goes out to you, after this terrible ordeal, just as it did when Dr Innis was also wrongfully accused and detained.

    I just wish we could also have moved you into civilian detention rather than the ordeal you have suffered…

    But take heart,at least now you are beyond suspicion, the bloodwork having come back negative. Please believe, your friends still support you in everything that you do. Carry on the good work!

    Vicky Vielle

  3. Unknown source said

    I wonder if anyone ever tested the blood of the people who actually perform the blood tests.

  4. In reply to Unknown Source,

    The people that test these samples are under the strictest of guidelines.

    Not only are these people tested weekly, the extraction of the blood samples themselves are to be witnessed by a thrid party who needs to sign off as a witness that there was no tampering. The testing itself is also under the same scrutiny where the results are required to be confirmed and witnessed.

    I hope this would elay the fears of the general population and restore in the testing process and the people that perform these tests.

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