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Daring Rescue after Cylon Raiders Attack and Capture Pilot

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 18, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, Cylon Raiders attacked 2 ships making practice runs, capturing one of them. A rescue mission was mounted by the marines with air support, and the captive, Sovereign Republic, was recovered in critical condition, having been subjected to torture at the hands of the Cylons. Several marines received non-serious injuries as a result of the rescue, and the vipers involved sustained some damage. This is believed to be an isolated incident, no basestars were spotted and the fleet does not appear to have been followed after the emergency jump.

Joker & Sovereign
I was able to meet up yesterday with the pilots and Captain Perry aboard the Pacifica shortly following the rescue, if you missed the livecast here are some of the details:

Thanks to the efforts of Artemus Carthage and the medical team aboard Pacifica, the captive airman, Sovereign Republic or “Sov” as he’s referred to, is making an excellent recovery, as are the wounded marines. Captain Perry gave special credit for the operations to Lt. Frostbite Pikajuna who “did a damn fine job.” Pilots involved included Kittyhawk, Panther, Joker and Smoke, marines included Corp. Trouble Darcy. This article will be revised as soon as we receive the final list from command of the names of those involved in this mission.
Captain Perry

Portions of the live broadcast will be added here soon.

Live and Archived Report by Kiltcheck Douglas


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