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BREAKING NEWS: Pacifica Attacked

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 18, 2007

This afternoon the Cylons made a surprise attack on Pacifica. Serious damage was sustained to the ship’s port side. No other ships were targeted during this particular assault. It is believed that the weapons may have been radiological in nature, although official inquiries along this line have met with “no comment.” According to sources, Pacifica was boarded and fought off the invading Centurions.

In addition, an unexplained separate explosion occurred in the Brig area of the Pacifica. It is unknown what prisoners if any may have died or been wounded in the attack. The number of deaths and casualties is not yet known and will be reported as we are provided with official reports.

Our prayers go to all of those whose precious lives were lost and to those injured and affected by this tragedy and their families.

Report filed by Kiltcheck Douglas


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