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The Bruder Report: The News

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 16, 2007

Greetings readers this is Kelly Bruder

  As some of you may know I was attacked a week or so back. The reason of this attack was mostly because of the way I was reporting. To this effect as not to be attacked again. I will only report what is handed to me. To this effect if you wish a report on a issue please leave a note at my desk. As is my attackers have not been found. I feel it is unsafe for me to chase storys any more. So your eye in the fleet will report from her desk as news comes to her. I will be reporting on the Quorum meeting later this evening. On a more personal note. I know some of you feel I got what was coming to me. Thats fine. I am sure those in power are doing everything they can to find my attackers. Thank you my readers and I shall make sure to bring you the news as it comes to my desk. Take care


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