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Events leading to the Human / Cylon Summit…

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 12, 2007

Last week the Fleet entered a large planetary system with gas giants on the outer edge and several rocky planets close to the systems sun.  The large gravitational flux near the gas planets prevented the Fleets FTL drives from spinning up.  Before the Pacifica could organize expeditions to the inner planets…the Fleet came under Cylon attack.  The first time the Cylons have been seen in over a year.

 The Pacifica ordered the Fleet to move close to a gas planet while it would defend against the waves of Cylon Raiders.  The Captain of the freighter Styx, either panicked or received incorrect instructions and made a break for the inner planets.  Moments after clearing the gas giant…a tremendous bolt of energy struck the Styx and destroyed it.  The loss of life is still being determined.

Long range scouts and surveillance captured this image of a Cylon base on the farthest inner rocky planet… 


An expedition was launched to the planet consisting of several civilian scientist and a handful of military.  It quickly escalated into a two hour intense firefight on the surface.  During the fight, the military was able to plant explosives at the Cylon base and destroy the source of the energy beam that destroyed the Styx.  During the assault…two of Pacifica’s pilots were captured.

The Fleet continued to hide behind the gas giants and planned where to go from here…

The News-Review


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