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The Bruder report: Masked attacker

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 8, 2007

Greetings, My readers, this is Kelly Bruder.

 The only news I have to report today is of an attack. My own, I have not gone to the secuirty as yet. I have not gone to see the doctor. I do not know how bad my injuries are. I know that on my way back from the office as I opened the door to my room I felt a hand on my back. I fell to the floor and then the beating started.

I think there were two or maybe three of them I do not know. I felt the sting of their weapons; feet and fists and perhaps sticks. I blacked out.

When I awoke only a few monents later I heard their voices saying such foul things. They stuck my face against the bed and I was stripped bare. The rest I will not write about as it is too painful to think about.

This report is short. I am bleeding on my keyboard. I’m cold and half naked. Yet I felt the need to write this before I find a medic or someone to patch me up. This is not a cry for sympathy, but a warning. I pray the secuirty will find those responsible for this attack. Watch yourselves and take ca…

((page cuts out there))


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