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Representative Innis Cleared – Press Release from the President!

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 8, 2007

########## P R E S S    R E L E A S E ##########
=:: From the Office of the Colonial President ::=
∏ Keeping the People Informed ∏

Regarding recent incident involving Representative Shaheen Innis of Virgon and M.D., the Cylon replica formerly known as Kitsumi Yamuko, et al. This report to the people is a compilation of official incident reports delivered to this office, in addition to a summary of that which occurred as a result of all.

Ronon Maximus, Security Crew of the Tylium Queen:
… Reporting the events that occurred aboard the Tylium Queen on the night of November 3rd.
After the ball that took place in 7th Heaven, I headed back to my quarters in the Mining Ship. As I always do before going to sleep, I decided to make one last patrol around the ship, to check if everything was ok. As I was passing the rooms where the ill usually go to rest, … I heard some voices and decided to see if someone was in need of medical attention.
Entering the location, I immediately recognized Doctor  Shaheen Innis attending an apparently injured person. On a closer approach, I recognized the patient as Kitsumi Yumako. The Doctor, however, seemed to be unaware of her identity.
Faced with this situation and remembering the security report about Kitsumi Yumako, I immediatelly asked the Doctor to step back and drew my weapon toward the apparent threat. I informed the Doctor why I was doing that and called for confirmation of Kitsumi Yumako’s security status through the wireless, informing also of her visible injury.
Kitsumi offered no resistance, putting her gun on the ground and sitting on a near bed, due to her injuries. After having confirmation by Captain Starbuckk Serapis of her wanted status and that an ambulance shuttle was on the way, I allowed the Doctor to approach Kitsumi and see to her wounds, informing that help was on the way but she was still under gunpoint. After a few minutes, the Doctor told me that her situation was quite bad and that she needed medical help as soon as possible.
The three of us, moved to the landing bay, where after a short wait, Captain Starbuckk, along with 2 armed members of the security crew, arrived in the Ambulance Shuttle and helped Kitsumi into a gurney and left.
After that moment, I have nothing else to report about the incident, but I would like to make clear again, that Kitsumi was fully cooperative, and the Doctor seemed very confused and surprised with all that was happening…

Starbuckk Serapis, Representative of Scorpia and Captain, C1:
Received alert from TQ Security Chief Ronan Maximus that Kitsumi Yamuko was spotted aboard the Tylium Queen, requesting instructions and backup. Launched a security detail from Colonial One consisting of myself, Colonial One Security Chief Dollwife Pink, and Presidential Security officer Kimhot Papp. Since we were informed there was an injury, we launched in an ambulance. Upon arrival, we found Doctor Innis cradling “Yamuko” in her arms and Security Chief Maximus with side arm drawn. Took custody of Yamuko from Maximus and made emergency launch to Pacifica. Patient transported to Sick Bay.
In Sick Bay, acting XO Ashcroft Dyrsson and military medic Nimitz Beck joined us.  The medics began working on Yamuko. During this operation, a mysterious vial was found and opened by mistake by Captain Dyrsson. While it appeared empty, he was unsure, so he ordered a quarantine be placed on Pacifica.
At some point during the operation, the cylon became partially conscious and indicated that there was a vial of some kind implanted in Doctor Innis’ shoulder. Beck examined Doctor Innis and confirmed the existance of this vial. It was accidently dropped and something came out that looked like a data storage device. This device was taken into military custody.
Additionally, the cylon had a device in its chest.  It indicated that the device contained poisonus gas.  After an operation, the device was extracted and placed in a sealed container.
When this was completed, Captain Dyrsson ordered a marine to take Doctor Innis into custody and transport her to the brig. I questioned this action and was told that the device made her suspect. While I had to concede this point, I insisted that the brig was unacceptable under the circumstances. After some negotiation, Dyrsson agreed that she would be provided quarters and could be released with security escort when required to perform duties on Pacifica, or in the civilan clinic. He also agreed that a civilian security officer was acceptable.
The following day, Vicky Vielle, C1 Security Chief Dollwife Pink, and I returned to Pacifica to visit Shaheen and find out about her status and how long she was to remain in custody. We found that instead of proper quarters, she was forced under marine guard to remain in Sick Bay, in the same room as the cylon. The cylon had been sedated.
In an attempt to clarify why this was the case and to determine her full situation, we requested contact with the duty officer. Colonel Lucero came down, informed us that they would tell us nothing, refused to divulge anything other than she would be held as long as they wanted to. He then ordered us off the ship and refused to honor the agreement that civilian security could escort her.

As a result of the events above, Captain Serapis contacted me and requested a meeting to discuss the incident all that had so far transpired. As Shaheen Innis has been a Quorum Representative for the last year and a half and is a civilian, any investigations of her activities is a civlian matter — not that of the military — unless, of course, she is a Cylon. Having no previous indication that Representative Innis was in any way associated with the Cylons, I went to retrieve her from the Pacifica, along with Cpt. Serapis and some civilian security personnel. Commander Nephilim was present in sickbay when I arrived. After a brief explanation of my purpose for the visit, the Commander agreed that the incident was a civlian matter and released Representative Innis to my custody.

Upon returning to 7th Heaven, the location of Representative Innis’ quarters, I had to insist, under the circumstances, that she be held in her quarters until an investigation of the incident could be completed by the other Quorum members.

The first order of business was to confirm, by way of blood tests, the Representative’s *human* status. One blood sample had already been drawn by Dr. Leandrah Whiteberry. It was necessary, however, due to Dr. Whiteberry’s close relationship with Dr. Innis for another sample to be drawn and tested independently — by your President, previously Secretary of Science — to ensure accurate and trustworthy results. Significant efforts were also taken to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of Dr. Whiteberry’s test results. Blood test results follow:

On 11/05/07 at 7:30pm ((slt)), I, Dr. Leandrah Whiteberry, concluded the testing of the blood sample from Dr. Shaheen Innis.
After doing the proper chemical analysis, and waiting the required 24 hours, it was apparent that Dr. Innis’ blood contained no crystaline particulates in it, the marker for cylon blood.

Chain of Evidence Certifications

Starbuckk Serapis
I certify that samples were kept secure from unauthorized tampering, guarded by active fleet security personnel, observation cameras and locked facilities.  Samples were secure from tampering and all procedures were witnessed by multiple individuals to insure that procedures for testing were followed to the letter.
Starbuckk Serapis, Captain, Colonial One.

Tanya Halberd
I certify that the samples were in controlled custody during the entire time, and that all results were verified by several witnesses.
Tanya Halberd, Captain, 7th Heaven

Your President’s results of Dr. Innis’ blood tests also concluded, with certainty, that she is not a Cylon. Her karyotype was taken, and no abnormalities were found on her 19th or 23rd pairs of chromosomes. The 19th chromosome was checked for genes that are associated with the super-human strength that Cylons exhibit, and the 23rd chromosome was checked for any unknown recessive gene that would require mating with humans in order for it to be expressed.

Prior to the conclusion of blood testing, Dr. Innis had to be detained in her quarters — for the safety of the people and for her own safety. However, due to the results of blood testing and her vital work for the people of the colonies, Dr. Innis — Representative Innis — has been, by Presidential order, freed of any investigation and allowed to return to her duties. The investigation of any allegations against Dr. Innis in this matter is hereby concluded.

The fact that Dr. Innis was apparently a carrier of a Cylon vial returns us to a year and a half ago when she was shot by the known humanoid Cylon, D’Anna Biers — for whatever reason(s), it is obvious this vial was planted in Dr. Innis, to be retrieved at a later time. The vials retrieved from Dr. Innis and the newly-found Cylon replica, Kitsumi Yamuko, are the responsibility of our military, as is the Kitsumi Yamuko replica, and any information ascertained by investigation of the vials or this Cylon will remain a confidential military matter.

With the finding of the Kitsumi Yamuko Cylon replica, there may be concern as to whether the Cylons have again found us. However, investigations into this matter have concluded that this Cylon was hidden away, dormant, in a secluded corner of the Tylium Queen until this incident. All vessels have since been checked for similar, and there is no reason to believe other replicas are among us at this time.

~~So Say We All~~
=::Your President of, for, and with the People::=
Zarta Vargas


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