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The Bruder Report: Why we fight

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 5, 2007

Greetings reader, this is Kelly Bruder

I see there is a lot of hate coming my way for simply reporting what I see and hear.

Let me set the record straight. I do admit my writing style might leave some questions to my sources. That the questions I ask might be hard to answer. That it seems I am only writing to make headlines and not report the news. This is not true. I report what I see and what I hear. I add my own thoughts and I try to make the news interesting, to draw your attention to the goings-on in the fleet.

The question I ask you is ‘Why do we fight?’ Is it to simply survive? People need hope people need things to cling to and people need to know that they are safe. This war has changed us and it has changed the way we view the world. But to what ends to we change. what do we give up in order to be safe. I am just a reporter my pen is not that mighty. We owe our lives to the men and the woman who defend this fleet. As I stated in my first piece they are the stewards and guardians of this fleet. Our heroes who day-in and day-out put their lives on the line to protect this rag tag fleet from death’s cold embrace. Sure, I may write about their flaws. But it does not make what they do any less noble. I am not a pilot. Nor am I a warrior – I could not command my way out of a paper bag. My only weapon is my pen. I am not here to make the government or the Military look bad. I am here to record and inform the fleet of their actions be them noble or criminal. Had the CAG [Major Stiglitz] simply said something, anything, I would not have thought she was drunk. Had the commander given me more than she had I would not have had to fill in the blanks. The crew of the Pacifica and the government officers are good people. They fight so we don’t have to. I as a member of the press my only job is to tell their story and inform you, the reader, of their actions.

So I ask you again ‘Why do we fight?’ And I say to you we fight so we can live. Living is not simply eating sleeping and waiting for the next attack living is enjoying the time we have, engaging each other in conversation, seeking the truth for one’s self, not just what I write. my reports are meant to make the reader think and to seek that information themselves. My reports are meant to stir the imagination and give the reader the answers to the questions they want to know or even better give them the courage to ask themselves. Sure, I might piss some people off but that’s my job, to inspire or to anger. Truth is in the eye of the beholder and my readers you will come to find that truth is all ways from your point of view. So I challenge you, the reader, to ask yourself ‘Why do we fight’? If you found something I reported to be lacking, join the press, and report your point of view or come and find me to ask why I said what I said. Or ever better ask the person I was reporting on. This is our time. This fleet is what we make it.

I end this piece with this question: ‘Why do we fight?’ And I ask you, the reader, to look within yourself and find the answers for yourself. I will keep finding the stories you want to read about. Until they fire me or worse, kill me…, either way it goes… my pen will not stop until it is forced to. Some wish that I would never write again. So to you my reader I say this… If you pick up the News-Review and find my report cancelled…ask yourself ‘Why?’. If this is my last report, I thank you for reading and I say to you: ‘Never stop seeking the truth’.

This is Kelly Bruder, thank you.


4 Responses to “The Bruder Report: Why we fight”

  1. NuggetAssRaider said

    As every real journalist out there might be able to confirm you, this is not a proper definition of journalism. There is a contradiction in terms here. Journalism is reporting the facts. Adding your own opinion is Opinionism, and drifts far away from the truth. Because the facts reported have to be as much as possible objective, while your opinion is something subjective that even if not directly imposed to the reader shapes unconsciously his/her thoughts. Someone may say this is something that’s more closer to PROPAGANDA, or BRAINWASH. To me, i’d just let it slip comfortably under crap journalism, or tabloid.

    I’ll give you a more likely answer to this question rather than the not-so-subtly aired conspiracy theories: your editors would have found you to be a crap journalist, and fired you as they would if a sports reporter messed up all Pyramid Tournament season results just because he was a Pikon Panthers supporter.

  2. Bingo said

    A year and a half ago, almost to the day, a trusted friend and at least partially respected reporter shot her way into history and it was revealed that she was in fact a Cylon plant. That night, while the rest of the fleet was celebrating our purported victory, I was drinking my way into a fog. Lost at the concept that this could have gotten past me I spent the next year and a half seeing cylons around every corner through the bottom of a glass. No one should talk to ME about paranoid. I have been the expert.

    This last episode involving Doctor Innis was a wake up call and both military and civilians in this fleet need to get out of bed and listen. Ask yourself this: Why have the Cylons seemingly left us alone for so long? And why now is one revealed to us?

    The answer to both questions is simple: First, we have been approaching our own destruction for a year and a half with our own paranoia. And after a year and a half we were finally starting to see reason. So the Cylons send in a replica of a previously identified agent to restore our paranoia.

    Perhaps some good can come of Doctor Innis’ having been a victim of this paranoia. Perhaps it can be the big mistake of the Cylons to have attempted to use her to reinvigorate the paranoia that has governed our lives for the past year. We need to seek middle ground between paranoia and complacency because either extreme will end in our destruction.

    To Kelly Bruder I say that your sources may sometimes let their emotions carry them away and make statements that are inflated beyond reason. Your challenge is to see through that and make sure that the statements you hear are factual and not the disinformation of someone with an axe to grind.

    To the military members that have attacked your reporting and that took potentially extreme measures against Doctor Innis I say that whether we be military or civilian officials, we all have the same goals. The survival of humanity.

    We are all doing our jobs to the best of our abilities. And sniping at eachother is exactly what the Cylons want. Make no mistake. There will be more “Doctor Innis” incidents. Our challenge is to keep the cool heads and follow examples like Captain Dyrsson, Commander Nephilim and President Vargas. These are the kinds of leaders we need.

  3. Heidi Stiglitz said

    Ms Bruder, your attempt to play the victim here falls flat. You claim that you’re only reporting on what you see (and admittedly fill in the blanks with whatever outrageous claims strikes your fancy.) You don’t check or verify your sources or information. You spice things up and purposely insult people.

    I make the counterclaim that we are simply reporting on what we see in regards to you, which is tabloid journalism run amok. You once came across me sitting at the Afterbuners bar, feeling down because of the recent loss of my family and drinking a cup of coffee. Having seen some bad interaction with the press in the past, I wasn’t talkative. You decided to twist all of that and write, “The CAG had nothing to say to any of it she could only order more drinks witch leads me to believe that perhaps she has had one to many drinks and seen one to many combats.” That’s not professional journalism. That’s opinion, misinformation, and perhaps even libel. And then you continued the same tactic with other officers and government personnel. Don’t you dare come here crying foul.

    As for the rather silly question, “Why do we fight?”, we fight because the Cylons killed our husbands, wives, children, parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, towns, worlds, and civilization. We fight because they have sworn to eradicate us all. And I fight because I have sworn a blood oath to Aries and Zeus that I will not stop fighting until they have no more use for me. And on that day, I will join my husband and children in Elysium.

  4. Vicky Vielle said

    I read the claims and counter-claims with interest here. Ultimately the democracy and freedom we crave relies on a free media to expose the harsh truths at times.

    However, the other respondents are correct in that we need facts not opinion at this time. Even your own editors must see that such unsubstantiated reporting only serves to alienate your readers. Ms Bruder, in your reportage you shoot with the accuracy of a blunderbuss, peppering everyone.

    However, you *are* free to hold whatever opinions you wish, but I strongly suggest that your “Bruder report” become a column in the newspaper, and leave the main news and headlines for the simple verifiable facts.

    I support the job the News-Review is doing and I would hate to see its circulation suffer at this time.

    Vicky Vielle
    Secretary of Agriculture

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