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The Bruder Report: Cover up

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 4, 2007

This is Kelly Bruder with a special report.
To day is a Day that will live in infamy.  Your eye in the fleet has come across what has to be my biggest story yet. Cylons among us…the Military covering it up and one woman’s harrowing tale. What the government does not want you to know. Doctor Shaheen a respected member of our government the Rep. of Virgo was held ageist her will today on Pacifica. The government told you it was some kind of Medical emergency that is a Lie! Here is the truth as I have learned it! The Virgo Rep. was a pawn of this cylons…an implant in her shoulder.  She is a victim of this flesh wearing monster whom we thought dead a year ago and was jailed By Aschcroft himself. She was not feed and was forced to stay in a cell with the very monster that tried to kill her.  My sources say that there was a Terrible Battle and the Cylon nearly killed all involved. The worst of it all is the Military is keeping the Cylon!  We can only guess what might have happened to Doctor Shaheen if it had not been for the grace of Madam President demanding that she be placed on house arrest.  This is a far cry better than the charges of Treason that Ashcroft accused her of. Doctor Shaheen made it clear that the Military had no clue the Cylon was in the fleet. Even tho it had been here a year ago perhaps posing as our very own news reporter to that I do not know but one of my informants told me that it might have been hiding out on the TQ, that infamous den of crime. Even worst still…was the coverup the Military tried…keeping there black bag tactics under wraps.  Who can we trust any more if our military lies to us. I am sure Madam President has done everything she can but we have to ask ourselves how much power she does have? After all…the military has the guns. We have to ask why the Cylon is being kept alive and why a doctor and Rep. for Virgo was left at its mercy.  What does the TQ have to do with any of it! Keep your eyes open for not is all as it seems. Never fear your vigilant reporter will get to the bottom of this and more. This is Kelly Bruder thank you for reading this special report.


5 Responses to “The Bruder Report: Cover up”

  1. Vicky Vielle said

    I witnessed this and I feel this whole incident was blown out of all proportion, and became a bigger issue than necessary by the uncooperative attitude of *certain* military officers. In the end once Dr Innis had been (correctly) turned over to civilian security, it is possible to deal with the matter fairly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

    While I certainly do not want to return to the paranoia of the past, maybe it is worthwhile to note and to set the minds to rest of all colonists that there is no need to fear the undeserved stigma of being accused a cylon – for a simple blood test carried out under supervised conditions will quell such unjustified claims forever.

    However, I do agree completely with your sentiment regarding the treatment of Dr Innis. I trust that the intervention of the President and the Commander will make the policy on this issue clear, that civilian authorities have jurisdiction over civilians, and we will have no further cases of civilians being unjustly detained indefinitely by the military and under such trying conditions.

    Vicky Vielle
    Secretary of Agriculture

  2. Unknown Military Source said

    I must say that we are still at War, and therefore Enemy Combatants are the juristiction of the Military. When someone is suspected of being a Spy for the Enemy, that falls under Military Juristiction but is still under Civilian Control. If a Suspect is proven to be Human by established means agreed upon by Civilian and Military Authority then the Suspect is transferred into Civilian Custody who will decided if they are released or not.

    Cylons captured alive are still under Military Juristiction. I cannot say who, and how many Cylons we have indeed captured in the past, but I will say the people can rest assured they are retained only as long as they can be of use under secure conditions. They are then quickly and efficiently disposed of so as not to pose a threat to the Fleet.

  3. NuggetAssRaider said

    I was expecting soo much a post like this. I’m sure that such sensationalist and hypocrit indignation will last as long as people will keep buying this crap. When ppl will grow tired about all those fake news you write, you will hopefully end out of work and those who instead give their own life for the safety of this rag tag fleet, will rest easy knowing that their efforts are not misinterpreted by the first little bitch who find herself with a blank page to fill and no real news to help it. But, alas, that day seems to be quite far from here.

  4. Heidi Stiglitz said

    “I am sure madam president has done everything she can but we have to ask ourselves how much power she does have after all the military has the guns.”

    The fact that this rag is still in circulation should point out that the civilian government has more power than you give them credit for.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commander, 47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  5. Bingo said

    Some misinformation needs to be corrected here. The accusation of treason was not made by Captain Dyrsson. Ashcroft in fact kept a very cool head during the whole affair. His leadership in this whole situation was a credit to the professionalism of most of our military personnel. While detaining Doctor Innis was Captain Dyrsson’s decision, this was simply an investigative decision that was not in and of itself unreasonable under the circumstances. He was in fact willing to listen to reason and agreed not to house Doctor Innis in the brig as he originally ordered but promised quarters and allowed us to leave a civilian security officer with her.

    The treason accusation was leveled the following day by Colonel Lucero. I would like to think that Colonel Lucero may not have had the full story on what had happened.

    I am concerned as to why the military failed to follow up their agreement to provide proper quarters as we were promised. Housing Doctor Innis in the same room as a cylon that had tried to kill her was simply irresponsible. However, I trust Commander Nephilim will get to the bottom of that.

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