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Introducing Your New Government

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 4, 2007

On 7th Heaven last night, President Vargas introduced the new Government Officials for the Fleet. The Ceremony was held in the Afterburners Bar and was followed by a celebratory Ball.

First to be instroduced were the new Cabinet Members:

Vicky Vielle, Secretary of Agriculture


Pastor Carnell, Secretary of Health and Human Services

The Government Officials who were already in place or newly elected:

Tisha Pink – Libris
Soral Merlin – Picon (absent)
Eyea Aya – Tauron (absent)
Pazzo Pestana – Leonid (absent)
Gibley Goldblatt – Sagittaron (absent)
HexxKitten Soleil – Caprica
Starbuckk Serapis – Scorpia
Shaheen Innis – Virgon
LizzyD Vendetta – Aquaria
Jeff Beckenbauer – Canceron
Tanya Halberd – Aerelon
Stephi Pfeffer – Gemenon

Unfortunately some of the Officials were unable to attend the event (as denoted in brackets) and their apologies were received beforehand by President Vargas.

The Formal Part of the proceedings were now finalised by the Master of Ceremonies (DJ) Hyperbole Beaumont then closed the formal proceedings and opened the Ball with the following:

“People of the Twelve Colonies of Humanity, meet your new government representatives, enjoy the festivities, and rejoice in the never-ending determination of the human spirit.”

“So Say We All”

At this point the first song started and the dash for the bar commenced, won by non other than Captain Marcus – never get between me and the bar – Perry.

If you have any photos from the Ceremony or Ball please email them to or pass them to me in world.

I have not included the biographies for the Government officials here as they ran quite long – if you wish to see them please let me know

HexxKitten Soleil
The News-Review


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