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The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 2, 2007

((for RP timeline purposes this article is published the day following the attack on the Cylon Base and Resurrection Ships))

Most days it is a joy to report the news of the fleet. On other days it becomes a terrible task that must be done no matter how you feel. Today is one of those days…

The Good:

The offensive against the Cylons launched yesterday was an immense success, the baseship and resurrection ship were both destroyed. As of now the fleet has been scanning the area are we for now appear to be Cylon free. Unfortunately due to the work following the attack there was no-one from the fleet available to pass a comment on this, but I am sure it will be something more forthcoming as we settle back down. Let us all hope that this respite is long enough to put plenty distance between us and those who would seek to destroy us.

The Bad:

It is with much sadness however that I must report the loss of a friend and colleague during this attack. The News Review Reporter D’anna Biers was shot and killed.

In a strange circle of events it appears that Ms. Biers was found to be armed aboard the Pacifica and when she was challenged, she opened fire on members of the military. They were unsure at the time what the problem and circumstances of her being there and armed were, it was commented to me that at first they were “unsure whether these were hostile actions initial or just a twitchy civilian who had managed to acquire a live weapon”

Warnings were issued and warning shots fired but she continued to attack, the military personnel there at the time were left with no option but to return fire and Ms. Biers was shot and killed.

At the time of this incident it has been commented that Ms. Biers was acting strange and “out of character”, and she did not respond to reason.

One of the personnel there at the time commented “Her aggressive actions and highly effective combat skills leads to this humble pilots opinion that she was most likely either a Cylon-humanoid or more worryingly a human working for them”.

Whatever happened it would appear that prior to this confrontation Ms. Biers had gone to where two Cylons were being held in custody and killed them both – thus leading to the rumours that she was either a Cylon herself or acting on orders from the Cylons to remove these two units.

The Ugly:

Since speaking with the military personnel involved in this event I have received a copy of the report from the Dr involved in the Autopsy on Ms. Biers’ remains. He was able to confirm that “Ms. Biers died from internal injuries and bleeding sustained by gunfire”.

However he found that her blood contained several of the same markers that were in the blood of one Ayden Janus, one of the captured Cylons and that two ‘unknown devices’ were found in her lungs. The report then goes on to comment “Upon further examination of the unknown devices I have managed to determine that it is Cylon in origin and it would be safe to assume that Ms. Biers is more than likely a ‘Humanoid Cylon’”.


It is a sad day to lose a friend and colleague, but to find that you never really knew them at all, and that they were actually the thing you were fighting ….

This reporter for one is shocked by this incident and the subsequent findings. If this can be your friend and co-worker, who next??

HexxKitten Soleil
The News-Review



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