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Cylon Joke Contest

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 30, 2007

Afterburners hosted a Cylon Joke Contest a few nights back….here are a few of the jokes submitted…

What you get when a engineer meets a cylon?
A Toaster

Two cylons are on patrol, and one says to the other, “did you cut one?” and the other says “no, it was the daggit.”

What is the difference between a cylon and a rusty bucket of bolts?

What do you call a big white cylon swimming in the ocean?
Moby Cylon

What do you call a cylon with out any arms and legs?

What do you call a cylon who has fallen into a vat of boiling oil?
Kentucky Fired Cylon

And the winner of the Cylon Joke Contrest…..

Who’s there?

Cylon who?

Cylon’T night, holy night

 So anyone not attending these parties….what are you waiting for?!  Get down to Afterburners and let off some steam!


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