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The News-Review welcomes Kelly and the Bruder Report!

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 26, 2007

We welcome our newest reporter..Kelly Bruder!  I had the pleasure to watch her in action last night at Afterburners and here is her first story of many in the Bruder Report!

This is your ear in the fleet Kelly Bruder reporting on some hard hitting issues going on with in the Fleet and what the stewards of the fleet have to say. I went down to 7th Heaven’s bar to have a drink and just so happen to meet up with the CAG and the Commander at the same time.  Having my finger on the pulse of the fleet I asked them the questions you want to know about.  I asked the Commander about our Brave Civilian pilot who had to out run a Raider she said simply that “they are slippery quick they have a mind of there own.”  Could this be the case or are our mighty defenders spending to much time in the bar or on the Mining vessel (Tylium Queen).  Speaking of that, I asked our Commander about her thoughts on the Mining Vessel.  Once again she had this to say, “tho having a hot bed of crime is a bad thing, I as being in the military can do nothing about it.”  Could this really be the case?  I mean if this ship being run rampant with crime, could cause issues for not only the public but the fleet?  The CAG had nothing to say to any of it she could only order more drinks witch leads me to believe that perhaps she has had one to many drinks and seen one to many combats.  While I was in the Bar I happened to ask another ship Captain her thoughts on the matter, Tanya Halbred.  She had this to say, “well I don’t like it and something needs to be done”.  She also noted that other Captains felt the same way.  Could this be a call to arms to do something about the fleets ghetto? or will nothing be done as our Defenders are over worked and the government is understaffed or perhaps on the take?  Never Fear, your Eye in the Fleet will find the answers to these questions and more!  Keep reading The Bruder Report!

Kelly Bruder
The News-Review


6 Responses to “The News-Review welcomes Kelly and the Bruder Report!”

  1. Anonymous said


  2. Cpt. Vendetta said

    Look here Bruder….the Queen is the fleets ghetto cause no one gives a frack about the people who don’t defend the fleet…or run the ships…or work in a newspaper. You want the lawlessness to stop? Give the people a bed…assure them there will be a next meal…tell them they will not be forced to sell their bodies to have a chance at a normal life.

    We don’t need the military in here…we need hope and to be seen as people…not just a “hot bed of crime” Happy people don’t cause problems Ms. Bruder!

    Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta

  3. Heidi Stiglitz said

    Might be worth noting that the only drinks the CAG was ordering was coffee. Tabloid reporting like this not only serves to spread disinformation, but it also hurts the morale of the very people defending your right to exist, let alone your right to print this drivel. The reason I had no words for the reporter was because I don’t trust them. This example of garbage jouralism does nothing but reinforce that distrust. In the interests of accurate reporting, feel free to contact the Pacifica public affairs department, because you won’t be getting any interviews with me.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commander, 47th Battlestar Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  4. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Welcome aboard, Miss Bruder. Looking forward to read more of your reports.

  5. Unknown source said

    I hope you know the truth when you find it, I hope you know what the things are that the people need to hear and I dearly hope you know that those two are not always the same.

  6. Vicky Vielle said

    Ms Bruder,
    Please be aware that the Colonial Government takes matters of security very seriously throughout the fleet. We understand the pressures on the military, and the feelings of our citizens towards the military.

    To this end let me state for the record that we are actively recruiting and expanding the civilian security service. Harmony and order are necessary for all our survival.

    We are aware, of course, of the problems aboard the Tylium Queen and let me set citizens’ minds at rest that the security across the fleet is being increased. And in particular, a new and very able and level-headed officer, Mr Maxumus, has been assigned specifically to the Tylium Queen.

    I trust this well help allay any concerns that you have raised, and I encourage all Colonial citizens to give the new security officers every encouragement and support in sometimes very trying circumstances.

    Vicky Vielle
    Secretary of Agriculture
    Colonial Government

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