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Civilian pilot comes under fire!

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 22, 2007

Last-night…the Cylons made a surprise move against the Fleet.  Things have been quiet for some time and maybe our pilots have been lulled into a sense of false security…I don’t know…but last-night they attacked.  The CAP was not to be found and Civilian Pilot Windy Weiland was piloting a near full shuttle of mostly civilians including one government official.  It was then that a Cylon Heavy Raider approached the Fleet and began to fire on the shuttle.  Ms. Weiland heroically piloted the shuttle into the nearby Pacifica landing bay…taking several rounds from the Raider as she went.  The Raider did not let up…it pursued the shuttle around and into the bay…forcing Ms. Weiland to do a 180 degree turn of the shuttle inside the landing pod.  She was able to dock and let the civilians reach safety inside the Pacifica.  Her skills in piloting and concern for safety ensured the handful of passengers made it safely aboard!  But it doesn’t stop there!  Once safe and recovering from the ordeal outside…the group encountered Cylon Centurions who must have been aboard the Heavy Raider and forced their way inside the Pacifica.  “I was never so scared…”, Ms. Weiland exclaimed, “..I turned the corner and a Centurion was right there!”  It was here things turned from bad to worse…Ms. Weiland took two rounds to the shoulder and the leg before the Centurion was taken down.  Rushed off to sickbay…her wounds were tended to while more Centurions boarded the Pacifica.  The Colonial Marines and CIC staff defended the ship and suppressed the waves of attacks while several Vipers patrolled and destroyed the incoming Heavy Raiders.

Again the men and women of the Colonial Military defended the fleet from attack…but last-night the real hero was Ms. Weiland.  Her bravery and skill reached a level no one would have ever asked her to do!

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review 


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