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XO Vendetta gets her wings!

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 21, 2007

Last night Afterburners was not only a place to dance and relax…it was also a place of celebration is Cpt. Starbuckk Serapis and Cpt. Tanya Halberd awarded the Tylium Queen’s XO LizzyD Vendetta with her wings! She had succesfully passed her certification exam earlier in the day, after failing it once I was told. She joins the ranks of civilian pilots. Not the same glory as those in the Vipers…but still a great responsibility! We all wish her well and look forward to more graduates from the civilian pilot training program.


D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


One Response to “XO Vendetta gets her wings!”

  1. Vicky Vielle said

    Congratulations LizzyD!

    Always knew you could do it, and now we have another fine pilot to help the fleet run more smoothly.

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