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From Kobol to Earth!

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 21, 2007

Here is an update to the Kobol story…so far you have only heard the beginning! Here is what I was able to learn from an exclusive interview with Captain Nivea Allen…

When they landed…two Raptors and a Civilian Shuttle…they found an ancient temple. Ruins around it, yep still running water in the fountain! After looking around for a little bit, a stone tablet was discovered (see below). Just then the Cylons moved in and attacked with Raiders…as if they were waiting for us she said. In the confusion the Civilian Shuttle was destroyed and the Commander (Angelica Nephilim) ordered all the civilians to the Raptors. Captain Halberd and Ms. Vielle were able to get back to the fleet…the Oracle, Windy, Commander, Cpt Allen and a few marines were left stranded. After the Raptors jumped away..all went quiet.


They explored the temple area and the Oracle discovered a hologram above a pedestal…it clearly showed what is believed to be Earth and the distant planet the President spoke of before! The Commander and Cpt. Allen recognized it from the Presidents conference room wall. More exploration that night revealed a second stone tablet…this one looking like a map or a star chart. The group made camp and rested for the night. Restless sleep, standing watch and the Oracles sudden sickness the next morning did not allow for much rest. Shortly after getting up….they looked around a little more…discovering an even more ancient set of ruins. It was then the StealthStar appeared and within minutes the group was brought home.


Earth…the 13th Colony…the planet the fleet heads towards even now. Let us get there swiftly and safely…let us leave the past behind…the Cylons behind. Look forward…look to Earth!

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


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