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Bless the Lords…it’s Kobol!

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 15, 2007

I was not part of the group that went planetside, but Ms. Vielle was. After she got back and amist all the chaos…she was most thoughtful to have prepared this statement for The News-Review:

It would seem that the planet we are near is indeed the legendary Kobol based in intelligence gleaned from Cylon sources.

A large landing party went down, to investigate, led by the Commander (Angelica Nephilim) herself. In addition a number of civilians were there for scientific and observation purposes. An ancient temple was discovered, which was of Colonial style which would seem to confirm it was indeed the legendary Kobol. And indeed I discovered a tablet that bore writings of a religious nature.

Just as we were deciphering it, Cylon Raiders attacked. It was a trap, we had not been there more than a few minutes! They knew when and where we would be.

There was a scramble to evacuate personnel. Most were evacuated, but in the rush, The Commander (Angelica Nephilim), Chief Engineer Nivea Allen, The Oracle (Eyea Aya), Civilian Pilot Windy Weiland, and a number of Colonial marines were left behind, as the first Raptors took off.

Back on the Pacifica, the order came down from the Pacifica XO not to mount a rescue mission, due to the presence of a Cylon basestar. Leaving the stranded personnel to fend for themselves, overrun by Cylon Centurions, fighting for their lives.

Feelings are running high about the whole affair… and the Commander, the Oracle and many other brave souls are left stranded on the surface.

Is this the way it will always be? Every time the Cylons attack we leave more and more people behind? I am safe on the Seventh Heaven, but once again, justlike the attack on the Twelve Colonies, I know I have my life while others are left behind. We can’t leave any more behind we must rescue those stranded on Kobol.

The last paragraph of commentary is her own, but I ask the same questions. Are they picking us off one by one? Do they want to see us driven mad as each one of us survivors is taken from the rest. We have experienced enough loss and tragedy, to watch it again day after day is to much.

Let us pray to the Gods the XO (Darsh “Rainy” Lucero) gets back in there and brings our people home. And pray that we can end this Cylon menace and travel to a new home in peace!

So Say We All

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


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