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A civilians courage and sacrifice…

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 5, 2007

The Afterburners club on 7th Heaven is becoming famous for its noontime and evening parties and last-night I let my hair down and was waiting for the shuttle to head on over.  Little did I know at the time…I was about to see the real face of the people in the fleet.  I got word I was needed in the clinic and tapped my foot hoping the shuttle would hurry and that it was nothing to serious.  I arrived there to find an already gathering group of concerned people. Julian Slade waiting behind the desk and voices and sobs from behind the curtain.  Julian Slade whispered to me as I looked on confused, “They got to her… the people on the mining ship. Held her for two days…because she talked to the president… about what goes on in the mining ship…” He told me what they did to her for that time and you can imagine it was far from nice treatment.  We were talking about Van Valeeva, a former dancer on the Tylium Queen.  I remember seeing her once briefly…obviously ashamed of what she was doing at the time.  You see…she was trying to have something better.  Dancing and getting money to find a way out of the hellhole nicknamed the TQ.  Van was strong and determined and found a way out for herself…found her way into the hearts of the President and a noble young pilot.  She earned her ticket out. 

Her courage did not stop there…she told people what had been going on on the TQ, “…no one can stop them…no one can find them…you never know WHO runs the cells. They blend in…and hire families to do what they need them to do. So they get better rations and better rooms…and their children stay safe.”  She went on to talk about the underworld there, “The mining ship…is run by men…called the Pacifica Pirates. They run everything…but no one knows who they are…but they are there. There is no leader that anyone knows of…but there is one.”  This is what she has told the President before and what lead to her capture and abuse at the hands of these men.  With Van was also Julian, Captain Serapis and the new XO of the Tylium Queen, LizzyD Vendetta, “I am getting in supplies..I am trying Van…No one is paying for anything anymore.” LizzyD tried her best to comfort Van and I could see a rage in her eyes.  Van explained that everything brought in was property of the black market, to which XO Vendetta replied, “Not what I am bringing in….everyone will get it.  Business like that is closed…if your on the Queen you are in it with everyone else.”

Van Valeeva picked herself up by her stiletto straps, found the courage to make a better life, to put things in the past and work to the future.   She had the courage to tell others of what is going on and for that she was made an example of.  Last night Van kept apologizing as we kept telling here it was not her fault…she felt for the new XO, “I…I don’t want to be trouble.”  XO Vendetta gave her a little smile,”…the trouble is now just starting…trust me!”  I feel a storm coming on.

Soon after…I helped secure Van in a room and watched as XO Vendetta left the 7th with clenched fist and white knuckles.  We all felt a great sadness, but from Van’s courage and sacrifice, I have hope that conditions will change.  That is all she wanted…a bed.  No one in this fleet…in all that is left of Humanity should have to endure what she did to get a bed.  So next time those of us who are fortunate enough to find our way to the 7th and to join the party at Afterburners….remember those who can not, remember the true face of the fleet, remember those that would love to just have a bed.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review


7 Responses to “A civilians courage and sacrifice…”

  1. fleetnewsservice said

    Thank goodness for people like Van who have the courage to fight for what is right. These people must be stopped.

    Tanya Halberd
    Captain 7th Heaven

  2. LizzyD Vendetta said

    They will be Captain Halberd…brought to justice or driven away…but they will not operate on the Queen any longer! If a person wants to sell themselves that is their choice. Sell luxury goods? Fine by me! But when a woman has something taken from her, that crosses the line! When people are scared to speak their minds, we loose the basic rights the Gods have given us. I am going to make sure everyone who needs food gets it, who needs a bed, get one. I was born living in fear…those days are over!

    Notice is now given. Whoever was responsible better watch out. The people will no longer stand for this! Pacifica Pirates, hear these words…

    “The system is corrupt. Someone needs to expose it. Someone needs to repair it. We need… we need a revolution. And that revolution starts now.”, Tom Zarek (The Revolution Within)

    LizzyD Vendetta, XO Tylium Queen

  3. Julian Slade said

    We’ll bring those bastards down, Van. You already had the ear of the president, and now of the entire fleet too. I just hope you don’t feel the price was too high… I’m sorry – we’re all sorry – we really thought you were safe with us.

  4. Blackbeard said

    You can quote Zarek all you want, Miss Vendetta. The people know you’re really just a puppet from the military dictatorship that keeps us here in TQ chained and ever hungry, forcing our people to use all the means at their disposal to get what they need while the rich people on the 7th Heaven have swimming pools, gardens, clinics and individual rooms. See what’s wrong?

    Make sure you figure your loyalties soon enough, or you’ll end up like all the TQ captains we had at the TQ since the attack. Maybe you’ll say ‘hi’ to them in void, how about that? Plenty of people here willing to kill to get your job, you spoiled [removed by the editor]. Are the poor people too poor to make deals with, hey Miss Liz “I only trade in luxury goods” Vendetta? Dispite you criminal dealing everybody knows you’re just a mole from the establishment, don’t think you’ll make many friends here. People know who to throw their lot in with if they want something.

    Hope that other [removed] is not pregnant… else good luck in finding the father! Not marrying your pilot boyfriend in white anymore are you, Van?

    [The rest of this message has been removed by the editor. Free speach only goes so far. A full copy of the original text has been delivered to the military and civilian security authorities, who are investigating it.]

  5. Frosty said

    I’d like to see how big that Pirate’s mouth is when we send in Marines to evacuate the Civilians and strip the supplies from the TQ, then leave the ship abandoned in Space at the mercy of the Cylons.

    If you want to stay protected by the Pacifica’s Guns and Vipers, you had best abide by the Rules of the Twelve Colonies – and that includes the President as much as our ‘Military Dictatorship’. This Fleet has a Government, and the Defensive Arm of that Government is the Pacifica. We follow the President’s Orders, and if she decides the TQ is no longer a Colonial Ship but a Pirate Haven as you claim, that means we don’t have to protect you.

    If you want to stay protected by the Pacifica, you’d best behave pal. Or I’ll turn the Pacifica’s guns on you MYSELF!

  6. LizzyD Vendeta said

    Blackbeard…My loyalties are with my people…all the people who can not standup for themselves. There will be no dictatorship on the Queen or anywhere!

    Frosty…The Queen doesn’t need evacuated (what would you do with the people anyway?) And it will not stay a pirate haven for long.

    LizzyD Vendetta, XO Tylium Queen

  7. Van Valeeva said

    I just wanted to write to say thank you to all the people who helped me…especially to the President for letting me stay in her bed, and all the amazing Doctors who made me better. And the marine Lady who stood at my door all those long nights and days.

    I hope the Queen will not become a prison with soldiers and people getting hurt by the government. People there are just trying to survive as best they can, and some people just want to survive…better….than others.

    I will not hate the men that did this to me. My father always said “Hatred hurts the hater not the hated.”

    And I will not let them hurt me anymore.

    Van Valeeva

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