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We bury the past…may we look to the future!

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 4, 2007

I arrive after it was over….Commander Nephilim, Captains Halberd and Serapis, and others look to the three fresh graves and headstones in the dome of 7th Heaven. Captain Halberd wiping away a tear….but let me back up.

Today the brave men and women of the Pacifica once more…and the last time…returned to our home to gather supplies and special mission of picking up the remains of Major Heidi Stiglitz’s husband and daughters. Many important things were recovered today…but let me get back to the most important.

Lt. Slade dug the graves as the Commander and others watched on…”May they rest in peace knowing their mother and wife will watch over them until the stars grow cold.”, Commander Nephilim spoke. With the bodies laid to rest and the headstones in-place, Lt. Slade whispered to the stones. “We’ll keep your mom safe for you, girls…”. Marine Private Darcy fires off the 21 rounds. Even now I feel I can hear them echoing off the dome. The shots brought radio chatter and people from the rest of the 7th…Captain Halberd rushing to see what is happening…and informed by the Commander, “I just reburied the CAG’s family…Now they will be with her.” Tanya fighting back her tears, “Lords Ange, what will the Major say?” Commander Nephilim only replies, “I hope she wil come to grips with leaving the Colonies now.” Tanya says, “She’s either going to hug you or kill you Ange.” “Its the least a friend could do either way.” replied the Commander. Tanya could not stop crying.

Commander Nephilim motions to the headstones…”And this is a reminder to us all of what we’ve gone through and why we do what we do…Today we leave the Colonies behind, but take what makes us “us” with us.”

Yes…we are leaving…we are not returning. The colonies are no longer home, only a memory. Today not only were the Stiglitz laid to rest…all of our families, friends, lovers were laid along side them. Now we can look forward.

Wiping away a tear…

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


3 Responses to “We bury the past…may we look to the future!”

  1. Vicky Vielle said

    I was there at the burial, and very poignant and emotional for all, and I say: may the Gods watch over the dead.

    I echo the sentiment to see this as symbolic, but I saw just after the ceremony that this was hard for some to accept. I, myself, cannot help but think of my family dead on Aquaria, and that I will never get the chance to mourn over their graves.

  2. Slow But Sure said

    While I feel for Major Stiglitz and hope she finds a measure of peace in having a proper burial for her family, I can’t help feeling how unfair this is. I too wanted to go back home and learn about my family. I too want to at least know what happened to them, whether they be alive or dead.

    And now that we are leaving, I’ll never ever get the chance to do so. Never.

    I don’t know what’s worse: confirming your family is dead, burying, mourning, moving on… or if it will be to never know.

  3. Heidi Stiglitz said

    Trust me, there is no moving on.

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