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Repairs restore Tylium Queen to previous “glory”

Posted by Fleet News Service on October 4, 2007

Some of you may have noticed from the dome of the 7th Heaven for several weeks now the Tylium Queen had gone unrepaired.  This reporter  has been trying to follow rumors of supply and parts shortages within the fleet.  The military has been not suprisingly tight lipped.  So when Captain Serapis of the Colonial One informed me that he and Executive Officer LizzyD Vendetta of the Tylium Queen has located some parts and completed repairs of the the TQ…I was most intrigued.  XO Vendetta declined no so politely to reveal the source of the parts, stating, “It is my fracking business to know where certain supplies are…not yours.”  Well despite her harsh attitude, I could tell she was excited to see the repairs complete.  The horrible living conditions have gotten slightly better.  With rumors of shortages, cylons among us and over crowding…ships like the Tylium Queen can quickly become a hotbed of trouble.


(XO LizzyD Vendetta / Lt. Ronin Calayn / Cpt. Starbuckk Serapis go EVA to fix the Tylium Queen)

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review


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