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((Who’s Who! updated with new ranks))

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 30, 2007

I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten all of the new military ranks reflected correctly based on the CO’s latest notecard, but we’re still missing a lot of photos (of Pacifica senior staff, new Quorum Reps — there’s at least one, isn’t there? — and Civilian personnel).

Check the Who’s Who! page and look for your name — if there’s not a photo yet, shoot it to the email address and leave us a comment attached to this post letting us know.

A few people have asked me, “Hey, I know I’m not senior staff, but don’t I get a picture up there too?”  I’ll leave that to the sim admins and civilian/military leaders to decide…

Dean Steadham (OOC)


3 Responses to “((Who’s Who! updated with new ranks))”

  1. The Sky Tracer said

    We all appreciate the Senior Officers in whose hands we all entrust our lives as well as the civilian personnel who are keeping the fleet together, but what about the junior officers and staff who aren’t out there as pilots, who keep the fleet flying and put their own lives on the lines when the enemy makes their more-frequent appearances.

    It’s time they get a little recognition for the work they do day in and day out behind the scenes…

  2. Anonymous said

    ((I think there should be another section in who’s who called “other players” or something. They would ask to be added for those who would prefer to remain anonymous.They could add updates to their bios or add descriptions of their activities in the SIM so everyone knew something about their role.
    The quality of RP in BSG47 is great! Long live grumpy Darsh Lucero! Congratulations on the promotion.

  3. Stan Rhode said

    ((I agree that could be such section. It would be nice to have our all faces in one place. Additionally if someone do not know how to deal with making a good photo for this, I can easily help with the task (this also reffers to people that should have already their photo there). So if you need a good shot – just IM me :). ))

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