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Mining ship boarded: A civilian’s account

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 30, 2007

MINING SHIP, August 29 — Ms. Eeya Aya provided this handwritten account of yesterday’s Cylon attack and incursion onto the Mining Ship. Fascinating stuff!

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Eyea Aya, Civilian


Let me share my experience with you, as a civilian, in the middle of an attack by the Cylons on the Mining ship this past Wednesday afternoon. I was meditating in my quarters there, and began to hear the sound of battle outside my windows. I caught a glimpse from my window of Viper and Cylon ship in a heated exchange. Bullets were spraying all about, bouncing off the hull in spurts, sounding like a heavy rain on a steel roof. I was immediately frightened for those warriors involved. The alarms were blaring. I really couldn’t do much, except hide like a rabbit in its hole.

The fighting passed and things we normal again. I left my quarters and was walking towards the shuttle bay to see what might be going on in the rest of the fleet, to try and find some news about what had just happened when I encountered Pacifica Viper pilot , Lieutenant Kalah [Ed. note: DeCuir] walking my way. I can’t recall her last name as I write this message.

We stood talking briefly when once again, the sound of battle broke out. This time, however, a Cylon machine appeared, walking up the steps from the landing bay. I had never seen such a thing. My skin instantly crawled and I felt horror seeing this creature, intent on destruction. I was amazed at how Kalah fought off the invader single handedly. I was instructed to go to my quarters and I did so with much trepidation. I could hear the sound of the fight below me. I could also hear that the battle onboard was moving towards my quarters. I was also aware that reinforcements had finally arrived. I could hear their shouts as they fought in the hallway below me. I thought at the time that I wish I could have had more to do with myself than hide from the evil, attacking machine, but not having any weapon besides an old bow and a quiver of arrows, any attempt to defend myself against the machine would have been foolish.

The attack finally ended and Kalah entered my quarters to tell me the danger had passed. I saw she was wounded slightly and gave her some first aid. I thanked her for her courage in protecting me.

I would wish to personally thank all the other defenders who ultimately came to my aid, but I do not know exactly who they were. If not for them all, I would have surely perished, or worse. We all owe our lives now to these brave men and women.

Eyea Aya






2 Responses to “Mining ship boarded: A civilian’s account”

  1. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Impressive, indeed.

    We need to be more quick with our Vipers to stop these heavy raiders from boarding the fleet’s ships. A centurion spraying bullets in close quarters is a match for even a whole team of trained marines.

  2. Stan Rhode said

    especially when we do not have many teams of marines ;).

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