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Cylon incursions continue; Pacifica boarded

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 30, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, August 30 —  I write this from my bed in Sick Bay, where Doc Klata has just finished patching my leg (which she referred to as “swiss cheese”). Just moments ago, at least one Cylon Centurion was encountered and neutralized aboard Pacifica…but not before sending Raptor Pilot Ryoko Hax and myself (if not more) to the Doc for patching up.

As it happens, I was in the CIC with Sniper Schridde of the Colonial Marines, when Officer of the Deck Lt. Ronin Calayan received word that a single bogey had entered Pacifica’s protected airspace. “Not to worry,” I thought to myself. “The CAP’s out, I just saw them from 7th Heaven’s dome not ten minutes ago.” Whether or not the CAP took out the sparrow, somehow a Centurion managed to enter the ship via the flight pods on deck 3.

Cpl. Schridde and Lt. Calayan made a brave bee-line for the flight pods, sidearms at the ready…and the world’s most foolish reporter followed, camera in tow. It was worth the risk, as I managed to get close enough to capture the Centurion on film. You’ll also see one of Pacifica’s bravest toaster-roasters, the OOD Lt. Calayan (who thought he’d signed on for a glorified desk job), taking off down the hall after it.

Thanks, Cpl. Schridde, Lt. Calayan and Doc Klata for keeping me safe and patching me up, respectively.

((p.s. OOC: If anyone knows where in SL to find wearable/animated crutches, canes and assorted bandages (transferable if possible), please let me know… Something tells me the Sick Bay staff will get lots of use out of them before too long…))

Dean “Gimpy” Steadham
The News-Review


One Response to “Cylon incursions continue; Pacifica boarded”

  1. (( I sell crutch walk AOs. Just do a search in places for “Second Frame”

    They are 200 L, and includes a matching stand, and a pair of crutches. Great for RP. ))

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