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Face to face with Representative Carbetta

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 29, 2007

The other day I had the rare opportunity to do two things, interview Representative Carbetta from Caprica and wear my reporter hat while doing so.  The last time I had seen the Representative was at the first meeting of the leadership of the fleet and so I asked her what she thought of the outcome of that meeting.  She stated to me, “sometimes difficult duties are placed on all of us and I had a duty to the people to ask tough questions of the President and the Commander and all has been answered to my satisfaction”.  There have been more meetings and questions posed since that original one, but I chose not to focus on those for this interview. I turned my questions to what she saw for the future of the fleet…assuming we were not going home. “Well a home is exactly what we need to look for. Some believe in the home of the 13th colony, maybe we will find it maybe we won’t but we need a home, a planet to build the human race again.”, said the Representative.  Yes we do need a home, and when I asked her if the military were leading us there, said she needed more time to study that.

When she was asked if she would be pursuing or was interested in becoming the Vice-President she responded, “I don’t think now would be appropriate to consider anything beyond the establishment of the quorum for the good of the people.”  The Quorum needs to be re-established before a VP can be appointed.

She told me to tell the people…”To take heart. And to never give up. we have all lost loved ones and for now our civilization. But i believe with all my heart that if we work together we can rebuild.”  In asking her if she thought people origins mattered anymore, or if we even need a Quorom of Twelve, she seemed very strong in her belief…”Yes, a peoples heritage is what shapes our future and our memories and our past way of life is something to give us strength in the times to come…we will bring the good and hopefully leave the bad behind.”

I asked the Representative about her faith, if she was guided by it or if it just gave her strength. She firstly wanted it clear that she was not associated in any way with the Daughters of Freyja (one of which spoke of the impending doom right before the attack).  She had this to say, “I am a religious person who believes in the gods and the stories of our origins and the home of the 13th colony which we may or may not find, but I am able to do my job impartially and a prophecy is something that either will or won’t come to pass.” She was referring to the prophesy that “A leader will arise who is the namesake of the seat of Government to lead the people at the time of near extinction of Humanity.” She continued, “It strengthens me more than anything, and the belief of finding our lost brethren of the 13th colony but i want a suitable home more than anything and will use sound judgement in that determination.”

Both of our duties were calling to us and I asked for her final thoughts…”I would like to add that there has been too much bitterness in the press towards me. Too much commentary and not the context of the statements were made. I will uphold the Presidency of Zarta Vargas for the remainder of its term. I believe and support our brave women and men in the military.  I believe in the establishment of Democracy, not socialism as claimed by Captain Halberd and joyfully repeated in the press. I am a religious person but that doesn’t cloud my judgement of what is best for all.”

Thank you Representative Carbetta,

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


3 Responses to “Face to face with Representative Carbetta”

  1. Unknown source said

    I gotta say, I am sstunned. Well, almost.
    Indeed, running and finding a new home on a faraway planet is the most reasonable choice in our situation. So, it surprised me to hear reason coming from Ms. Carbetta ! Fortunately, she immediately goes for a punch line that nixes it all: The 13th tribe ? Oh, come on ! Looking for the lost colony is like looking for Mubby the Magic Dwarf ! It’s – Not – Real !!!

  2. Halloran House Conspiracy said

    Funny thing there…. the Daughters fo Freya. I was trying to dig up some info on them, especially where on the fleet they are now and what their agenda is. You know what I found ? Nothing ! They don’t seem to exist anymore – Just vanished ! Too bad since I would love to speak to one of them and find out THEIR side of the story on Ms. Carbetta. Anyone know anything about them ? Post it here !

  3. fleetnewsservice said

    The Daughter’s name is Veronica, and yes since her prediction of impending doom for the Colonies, she has not been seen. I will attempt to find her, and if you are so inclined you may want to start looking aboard the mining ship.

    D’Anna Biers

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