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Our Hearts are Broken

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 25, 2007

This in from the Pacifica….

All Hands, now hear this

It is my sad duty to inform you that Commander Angelica Nephilim lost her life this Friday while defending her ship and the fleet against enemy forces.

We were overthrown by Cylon forces after mission “looter” was done. Pacifica was out of pilots, so the Commander decided to suit up and give them hell in her viper.

Just some minutes later, Pacifica was able to launch relieve Vipers. At that moment, Dradis lost contact with the Commander’s Viper. As acting XO I ordered a SAR mission, even though we still were under fire by two Cylon raiders.

When they were finally out of the sky, the search for the Commander was made top priority. The search was handled by two Raptors and one Viper.

The SAR looked up every square inch of space, desperate to find Commander Nephilim. But we were not able to locate her.

With the arrival of new Cylon forces, I was forced to make a decision. A decision to save the fleet and to safe human kind. I gave the word to execute an emergency jump.

For the moment, we all are save now. But we paid a price for that safety. Commander Nephilim gave her life for us because she felt we can not go down in history. Because she knows, we will overcome all odds. She is a hero for all of us and we will remember her in thankful thoughts.

So say we all

Nivea Allen
Pacifica Commander


2 Responses to “Our Hearts are Broken”

  1. D'Anna Biers said

    Thank you Captain Allen for standing in and thank the Gods for the Commanders quick return to the fleet.

    I have been unable to get in to see the Commander since her return. And we of the fleet have very little details as to how she managed it. We have rumors, and while I admit I love a good rumor, we all want to know more.

    If anyone has first hand knowledge as to her return, please share. I do not need classified details, but I do need to hear from someone in the know. So please…

    Commander Nephilim, if you are reading this, I am asking for your statement here for all to read.

    D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
    The News-Review

  2. Nivea Allen said

    Ms Biers, please make an official interview request to the Commander. She is the one you will have to ask. Its not polite to move behind her back like this. Any military member is under orders not to respond to your comment.

    Captain Nivea Allen
    Pacifica Chiefengineer

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