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Medic for a day!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 25, 2007

I was walking the hall of the Pacifica hoping to catch Commander Nephilim to get details of her return when I was shouted at from sickbay to get in and help! A handful of our brave pilots lay bleeding or worse on the sickbay cots. Captain Nivea Allen stood over Viper pilot Sazuka Yoshikawa. The pilot complaining to be there and not out in the battle. Captain Allen shouted for me to get there and help. I did. I found her some drugs and blood, all the while she stood there and tended to Sazuka. I recall asking her at one point how they all manage to handle this everyday. Captain Allen told me it was her first time and smiled when she said the body is like a ships engine. I knew she was joking…but her dedication to the pilot on the cot was no joking matter. In the middle of her reaching into Sazuka to find the shrapnel, multiple DRADIS contacts appeared. Everyone attending the pilots from the battle before cleared sickbay, leaving only Captain Allen and myself. I have to admit I was close to breaking down, but she pulled me together. She removed the shrapnel and I scanned for more pieces, twice at her urging, and found another. She removed it as well, burning her hand in the process, claiming it must have been from a battery. With her hand burnt, she asked me to finish. Together we closed up Sazuka as she slipped in and out of consciousness. As she came to she joked about buying Captain Nivea Allen and I a beer. We did good in there and it is something I will never forget. The dedication and resolve, the caring for each-other, the seriousness and the jokes….I will not forget one bit. Get well soon Sazuka, the fleet needs you.

Captain Allen….Nivea, we did good. I look forward to that beer.

To everyone reading this…we owe our lives to these brave men and women, but at the end of the day, they are human just as we are. Not heroes, nor pilots, not civilians, not Capprican, or Leonin….they are Human.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentator, Medic, Human
The News-Review


7 Responses to “Medic for a day!”

  1. Arrow of revenge said

    great! now i’m famous in a weird way. that’s all i need.

  2. D'Anna Biers said

    At least I was nice and spared everyone the picture. Be well!

  3. Laureline Laval said

    Lords of Kobol, please spare us the image of Sazuka’s innards. As someone else said at the time: spaghetti would never be the same again.

    Get well soon, Saz!

    Jr.Lt. Laureline Laval
    27th Fighter Squadron
    Battlestar Pacifica.

  4. Nivea Allen said

    I bet Im forced to be a vegitarian from now on. *sighs* But, what a small price to pay if someone’s life is safed. Im glad you are back on your feet again, Sazuka.

    Captain Nivea Allen

  5. Arrow of revenge said

    thank you all for your kind comment. i am making a rather good recovery but i don’t think combat flying is on my list fof things to do right now, again i thank you for all your kind wordsand i owe you captain and you too mr.beirs

  6. D'Anna Biers said

    Arrow you owe us nothing. It is quite the other way around! We owe you everything. It was good to see you up and about and thank you for the words to share…I will share them with the fleet soon.


  7. Slow But Sure said

    Arrow of Revenge says: “i am making a rather good recovery but i don’t think combat flying is on my list fof things to do right now”

    Well frak me if I didn’t see her fly in combat just 24 hours after surgery, alone, against multiple raiders, forcing a Raptor pilot who really ought to have been in sickbay to go out and perform SAR under fire.

    If the hot shot wants to get herself killed she might at least have the courtesy of not risking the Raptor pilots’ lives while she does it.

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