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Vargas announces interim military leadership

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

7th HEAVEN, August 23 — As has been reported here, Commander Nephilim is currently unaccounted for and search efforts are underway.  President Vargas confirmed in a brief verbal statement just moments ago that acting Executive Officer (XO), Captain Nivea Allen, will act as Commander of the Fleet’s Military forces “until Commander Nephilim is found.”

President Vargas had these comments regarding the Commander’s disappearance: “I’ve been made aware that Commander Nephilim chose to join the fight on her own; she takes the safety of her soldiers and the Fleet very, very seriously.” She declined further comment citing a desire to avoid complicating search and recovery efforts,  and referred me to Captain Allen.

As I turned to leave, a composed but emotional President Vargas said “I have full confidence that the military is in the best possible hands. However, I fully expect that Commander Nephilim will be found, and will return to duty on an appropriate timetable.”

For those of you who believe it will help, please keep Commander Nephilim in your prayers. If you don’t — at least do your part to support the military, especially the search parties, during this difficult time.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


5 Responses to “Vargas announces interim military leadership”

  1. D'Anna Biers said

    Our prayers go out to Commander Nephilim and Captain Nivea Allen as she takes the enourmous responsibility ahead of her.

    Captain Allen, Have faith in yourself and in those you now command…the Commander will be found.

  2. Slow But Sure said

    While I have the utmost confidence in Captain Allen, I also have confidence in the Raptor squad. Few they may be, but there are teams trained for Search and Rescue who surely will leave no rock unturned in their search for the Commander.

    If anyone can find her, it’s them. Let them jump back, I say, now that the area is not as hot, to examine every speck of dust and debris. Certainly they will turn up some clue as to the fate of Commander Nephilim.

  3. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Slow But Sure,

    You know as well as I do the area was searched very thoroughly before the fleet jumped, by one viper and two SAR raptors. Nothing out there they could see: just debris, and debris, and more debris. No sign of the commander, no signal of her beacon, and no piece of wreckage big enough to even be identifiable has having belonged to her viper.

    If her ejection seat didn’t fail to engage right before viper was shot down, I fear that she might have been picked by the heavy raider that was flying about… the same raider Lt. Slade shoot to tiny little pieces a few minutes later… Gods… Just the thought makes me sick.

  4. The Blip on your DRADIS said

    Allen is a bad choice, she doesn’t have it in her . In the moments where quick decisions count, she will hesitate to do what is necessary.

  5. Unknown source said

    Smoke ’em: Lt. Slade did the right thing. Had he not fired, he and many others may be dead now, killed by the Heavy Raider.

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