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URGENT! – Commander Nephilim Missing!!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

In a shocking and risky move, Commander Nephilim went out during the latest Cylon attack! Her Viper was shot down and at the time of this report she had not been located or recovered. We are awaiting official word from the Pacifica and until then let us all pray for her safe return.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentator, The News-Review


One Response to “URGENT! – Commander Nephilim Missing!!”

  1. Julian Slade said

    The commander came out to help me, when all other viper pilots were in sickbay, off-duty elsewhere in the fleet, or otherwise unavailable. I had been alone out there fighting it out on my own for the most part of 15 long minutes and I sure was glad to have the old Angel watching over me; she was surely one of the reasons why I came through all that unscathed (though my viper can’t say the same) and scoring two more points for the home team.

    I… I just feel rotten inside because I couldn’t do the same for her. At that point we had multiple bogeys, and they were everywhere at once, zooming by us with their damned afterburners… they got the Commander, then got Lt. Enigma that had launched to assist us, and nearly got me and the raptor that come out to look for the commander – we both ended up landing with our birds hanging by a string.

    Commander, wherever you are… thank you.

    Jr. Lt. Julian Slade
    8th Fighter Squadron
    Battlestar Pacifica

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