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Statement from Rep. Carbetta

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

The following was received from Representative Carbetta, with a request to post it verbatim.




As you know we had an historic summit between President Vargas, Commander Nephilim and myself and certain agreements were reached and compromises made. Now comes, without my consultation and against my knowledge of a need for a central bank and the establishment of private banks, a President Vargas-approved plan to “give the store away” to Captains Halberd and Serapis. This, to re-capitalize a defunct corporation to run the economy.

This plan will fail, as a corporation cannot, nor should it, run a democratic economy. With my plan of a central bank, this bank will loan money to private banks who in turn lend the money to business owners to pay for inventory, salaries, fixed and variable costs. The black market is taking control of our fleet and I call for an immediate stop to the Corporation plan (a Vargas-backed black market) and an implementation of my sensible, by the book, life saving economic plan.

Quorum of the 12 Leader of Caprica,
Capri Carbetta

And posted it, we have.

Again, this reporter feels compelled to question the title “Leader of Caprica,” as Quorum Representative is a title given to a member of a legislative body (who presents the demands of the people to the President and Vice President for their ultimate execution or rejection), not an executive body. Colonial historical records ((OOC: a.k.a. the Battlestar Wiki)) have this to say on the matter ((linked here))

The Quorum of Twelve is a unicameral deliberative body[1] that grants each of the Twelve Colonies one elected representative, who votes on and brings issues to be discussed. The scope of these issues, in the aftermath of the Cylon attack, is likely to be quite broad due to the lack of any other organized political bodies.

Yes, through the Articles the Colonies are granted an elected representative… who, like all other Colonists, is subservient to the will of the executive branch, namely the President and Vice President. To call one’s self the Leader of Caprica or any other colony is akin to anointing myself Zeus, King of the Gods.

Maybe she’s got a point about the economy. Time will tell… I, for one, say give Halberd and Serapis a chance to make this work before tossing the whole idea.

(Speaking of agreements and compromises, what ever happened to Ms. Carbetta’s agreement during the meeting to support President Vargas and her agenda through the end of the current term? Rhetoric like the above is surely more divisive than supportive…)

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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