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FTL Enterprises Inc. responds to Carbetta press release

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

Determined to be neither outdone nor misquoted, THIS JUST IN from Captain Serapis of FTL Enterprises, Inc. (see below!).

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

* * * * *

First, I thank Ms. Carbetta for her confidence in our abilities. To believe that FTL Enterprises could in some way control an entire economy is a testament to our skills even beyond our own imagination. But I can assure Ms. Carbetta and anyone else with such concerns that we have no such intention.

In fact, it is against our belief that ANY single entity, be it a government agency or private enterprise, should have economic control over a society. We are very adamant free market advocates. We OPPOSE formation of a central bank as well, as a central bank WOULD in fact exercise control over the economy. Ms. Carbetta should have talked to us before making an accusation of this nature that goes so totally against our principles. Private banking is, of course another matter and I would not rule it out of our corporate future when the economy is ready for private banking again.

With respect to Ms. Carbetta’s statement that we were formed “without her consultation…” [sic], we do not recognize an obligation to seek consent of any member of the Quorum in order to form a private economic enterprise. Again, as free marketers, that would violate our principles. However, in light of her apparent differences of opinion in this matter, I point out that the formation of FTL Enterprises WAS discussed during the summit meeting and she was made aware of our planned formation.

FTL believes that it is as much a responsibility of the civilian population to rebuild the economy, as it is a military responsibility to defend us against our enemies. We encourage the formation of other corporations and private businesses. Shops have been opened on 7th Heaven for use by other merchants. We encourage others to follow our lead and help rebuild a working economy that includes not only other businesses, but also those that might compete with us.

I would also point out that we do not control all civilian ships in the Fleet. Had full economic control been our motive, we might have proposed that other ships operating under currently questionable charters be impounded by the government and placed under our wing. We did not, nor would we propose it. We only hold jurisdiction over Celestra and 7th Heaven as inherited by our interest in the former corporations that owned them.

In closing, I will also state that President Vargas has no economic stake in FTL. She is neither a stakeholder, nor a member of our Board. We did recognize an obligation, however, to consult with her with respect to the formation of FTL, given that the president is in fact responsible for the welfare of the entire civilian population.

Captain Starbuckk Serapis
Chief Executive Officer
FTL Enterprises, Inc.


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