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Halberd of FTL Enterprises issues “Prescription for Power”

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

7TH HEAVEN, August 23 — Following the heated exchanges today between Quorum of Twelve Representative Capri Carbetta and CEO Starbuckk Serapis of FTL Enterprises Inc., Captain Tanya Halberd passed me this handwritten note.

* * * * *

Dear Mr. Steadham,

I am not the spokesperson from FTL Enterprises, but I am deeply concerned over the direction that the discussion [about our economic plan] is taking in the press. Captain Serapis and I are simply trying to organize our resources to help the Fleet.

However, it seems that this has been seized as the latest opportunity by some for “monster making.”

In response to this, I have prepared a “Prescription for Power” which is, I think, going to seem strikingly familiar to most of your readers. Oddly, it appears that these efforts are in violation of Caprican law as well as the Articles.

Prescription for Power

> ignore the fact that we are the size of a small town
> ignore the loose federalism of the Articles of Colonization
> declare yourself as a representative of “the people”
> assert that “the people” must be protected
> suspend private property rights
> seize all privately held spacecraft
> establish government controlled banking
> prevent private banking
> control banking and credit
> eliminate private enterprise
> exploit opportunities for divisiveness

Tanya Halberd
Captain, 7th Heaven
COO FTL Enterprises, Inc.

* * * * *

Gods almighty… Could Captain Halberd and FTL seriously be proposing such a “prescription” for our ragtag Fleet?

(Of course not…and anyone who thinks they are, has missed the last shuttle out of Crazyville.)

I should note that the following comments are mine alone and do not represent any official position held by the government, the News-Review, the military or any representative of the Quorum of Twelve.

The cutting satire of this letter is meant for one person among us, and one alone…and I need not name names for most of our regular readers to catch my drift. I’d urge caution, to that individual: Ask yourself. Is this a fight you really want to pick? Especially now, when Fleetwide unity is more important than it’s ever been?

But to Captain Halberd, I’d suggest similar caution: Don’t stoop to petty political mudslinging. Don’t dignify this flurry of babble by viewing it as anything more than it is — premature posturing for a future political office. A critical question remains unanswered, for FTL’s chief opponent: When the time comes for words to turn to action, for background buzz to firm up into true public support… will the bluster and bravado hold up, or fold like a house of cards?

Dean Steadham
The News-Review



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