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A Carbetta vendetta? Feuding continues over FTL

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

My, it’s been a busy day on the wireless. If you’ve been tuned in, you’ve probably heard a rather one-sided conversation between Representative Capri Carbetta and the CEO of FTL Enterprises, Inc., Captain Starbuckk Serapis.

Two participants, yes — but one-sided because FTL has responded directly to the News-Review, while Representative Carbetta’s apparent mistrust for the press has led her to blast Civilian airwaves with her anti-corporation rhetoric.

In an effort to paint both sides of the developing “Economy Divide,” here is Rep. Carbetta’s latest response to FTL, followed by comments by Captain Serapis. (Your comments, dear readers, are encouraged.)

* * * * *

From the Office of the Quorum of 12, Leader of Caprica, Capri Carbetta:

“I call an economic summit — that should have taken place before the implementation of the current private company economic solution — with Pesident Vargas, and Captains Halberd and Serapis as soon as possible.

“It is obvious that the Captains have no formal economic training whereas I studied economics at university. Take the Serapis statement of the FleetNews today [Ed. note: We presume this means “…in the News-Review today”]. He says he is against a central bank but FOR private banks. Well Captain Serapis, private banks get their MONEY from a CENTRAL bank. The government prints currency and gives it to the Central bank for lending out to Private banks. Many people owned companies, and to choose the company owned by Captains Halberd and Serapis smacks of an “old boy network” and the President choosing to make her friends wealthy by letting them control the economy.

“So, bottom line is there should be a summit meeting to determine which plan is best.”

* * * * *

Mere minutes later, FTL’s executive team shot back:

Again, Ms. Carbetta has misrepsresented our position. I restate that it is not FTL Enterprises’ intent to control the economy, but to participate in its reconstruction. And we encourage others to do so as well. We could not do it by ourselves even if we wanted to. Do not look to the government to “do it for you”. Look to yourselves to build an economy driven by free market principles.

President Vargas did NOT ask US to form FTL. This was a decision made by Captain Halberd and myself. Of course a goal of any corporation is that of profit for its stakeholders. However, the means to that profit is to provide what people need. In our case, that means well maintained civilian vessels that run efficiently and provide a service to the survivors of the Colonies and our customers.

Certainly Ms. Carbetta’s economics program identified the many economic systems that have operated without central banks. They do exist, and have existed successfully. We reiterate opposition to the formation of a central bank. However, as we will operate within the laws, we recognize the right of the Quorum and the President to take this approach [Ed. note: the “central bank” approach], and should it be the chosen direction, FTL will stand with our political leaders and operate within those established laws.

Regarding the call for a summit, if asked we will testify. But in keeping with our stand that we are a private entity and not a controlling factor in the matter of government policy, we do not claim any decision powers at this summit. We will be present as lobbyists to the President and the Quorum, and we call on them to consider and respect the value that private initiatives such as FTL Enterprises will bring to a new economy.

Captain Starbuckk Serapis
Chief Executive Officer
FTL Enterprises, Inc.

((OOC Reference:

* * * * *

Will there be a summit? Will FTL ultimately be restructured by Presidential order? It’s anybody’s guess at the present time (though we do have our guesses), and the News-Review will continue to follow this story as it develops.

(Although, the way today’s gone, it couldn’t hurt to keep an ear on the wireless too!)


Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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