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Posted by Fleet News Service on August 22, 2007


As a part of the economic reformation of the colonies, Celestra Captain Starbuckk Serapis (home colony Scorpion) and 7th Heaven Captain Tanya Halberd (home colony Aerelon) have agreed to a merger of the former corporations that managed these two vessels. Serapis and Halberd are the sole surviving stakehoders and senior employees of these corporations. The newly reformed corporation will operate under the name “FTL Enterprises, Inc.”  Serapis will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer and Halberd will become Chief Operating Officer.  They will be equal stakeholders in the new corporation.

Celestra has operated as the carrier for The News-Review, and since the attack on the colonies has also asssumed the role of Colonial One, the Presidential transport.  Contract with The News-Review will carry over. Contract with the new  Colonial government will be established. Celestra currently operates as Colonial One under verbal agreements.

7th Heaven provides Quorum chambers, diplomatic residences and recreational facilities. Operating contracts for 7th Heaven will also carry over.  FTL will begin renovations of 7th Heaven to meet new requirements that have arisen out of our new situation.

Plans for formation of this new corporation were revealed at the recent Presidential summit meeting on Colonial One.

I look forward to seeing the outcomes of this merger.  While many of us may not be ready to accept certain losses, some of us are.  The reestablishment of commerce aboard the 7th Heaven, and creation of more recreational activities within the fleet will only make this better.  The best of luck to FTL.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentater, The News-Review


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