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Struggling with the past…

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 20, 2007

Having spoken with many crew members and civilians, both on and off the record, it is becoming more and more apparent that many of us are facing the same struggle of dealing with the losses of the past.

Day to day we continue with our lives, trying to move forward and yet we are inextricably bound to the past and the attack on the colonies. Most of us lost so much that day and are still silently struggling on as though it never happened and worse still as though those we lost never existed.

It is my suggestion therefore that the fleet be given some time to reflect, remember and say goodbye to those we lost. I feel it would be helpful to many of us for an event to be held at 7th heaven for us to get together, to forge new friendships and the families of the future, to celebrate that we are still here and to let some of the pain of the past go. 

HexxKitten Soleil

The News-Review


8 Responses to “Struggling with the past…”

  1. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Now that’s a real good idea. I know Captain Halberd has something like that in mind… hopefully we’ll see some results soon.

  2. God of War said

    Oh, sure, let’s have a party…just forget about the real world. Because how could the Cylons possibly attack us during a party? Get real…we’ll rest when we’re dead. Right now, we have a war to fight.

  3. Heidi Stiglitz said

    I’m not interested in saying goodbye. I’m interested in going back and getting my family. And I’m not going to stop fighting for that goal, until, as God of War suggests, I’m dead. The “feel good let’s get over this and move on” crowd can step back or get out of our way, but as the Gods are my witnesses, I will go back one day.

    And the sooner, the better. Enough of this frakkin moping around and hiding in asteroid belts and empty deep space. In the meantime, you can have your party without me. I have work to do.

    Captain Heidi Stiglitz
    27th Fighter Squadron
    Battlestar Pacifica.

  4. Tanya Halberd said

    There are many different kinds of people in the fleet, and we need to process our losses in different ways.

    7th Heaven can be a place of refuge and gathering away from fleet duties for any who wish to join us.

    This has happened on an informal, spontaneous basis so far, but we want to have a formal event for those who would like to attend.

    Please watch for an announcement soon. Gods speed to all of us in our unique individual journeys.

    Tanya Halberd
    7th Heaven

  5. Laureline Laval said

    I have to go with Captain Stiglitz, here. I will not show up at some memorial and say goodbye to anyone in my family because I just know they are still out there. They have to be. Either still at home finding a way to survive, or perhaps they made it on board some other civilian ship still lost out there in space.

    So until I see irrefutable evidence otherwise, I refuse to believe they are all dead and I’ll keep looking for mom, dad and sis. Whatever it takes.

    Jr. Lieutenant Laureline Laval
    27th Fighter Squadron
    Battlestar Pacifica.

  6. fleetnewsservice said

    This is exactly the kind of ‘frakhead’ comment I should have expected from the some of the military, but you know it still saddened me.

    Never once did I refer to a ‘party’ – nor did I say we should ‘all’ be there and leave us open to attack.

    Not all the fleet is military personnel – there are many of us here are civilians.

    There is already a ‘them and us’ divide within the fleet – many civilians are nervous of the military, seeing you all armed (yes I am aware this is necessary before you jump on me again). But many civilians are unaware of how to address the military correctly and shy away from interaction – and these kinds of comments make you appear all the more unapproachable.

    I and many others do not have the luxury of faith that we can go back home someday to find our families…

    Many of us saw events back home that will never be removed from our minds and hearts; I saw my parents die before my eyes and narrowly escaped with my own life. And they never had a funeral, I never said goodbye and this event haunts my dreams and memory.

    So before you jump in with your huge military boots on those who do have emotions – please remember that these ‘emotions’ you look down your noses at, are the very things that set us apart from the cylons, without emotions we might as well be machines…

    HexxKitten Soleil
    Fleet Civilian

  7. Heidi Stiglitz said

    It’s not a matter of emotions. We all have them. And most of us have been struggling with them AND fighting for our lives – and yours – day after day after day since the end of the colonies. You act as though we lost nothing, that it wasn’t horrifying to us, and in your workaround way you say that we’re no better than the Cylons.

    I beg to differ. Some of us just have different priorities. And mine happens to be my family. If that makes me unapproachable, then so be it.

    Might surprise you to learn that most military personnel find the civilians to be unapproachable as well. Most likely our completely different lifestyles and outlooks. Perhaps we’re not meant to mingle.

    Captain Heidi Stiglitz
    27th Fighter Squadron
    Battlestar Pacifica

  8. fleetnewsservice said

    “Might surprise you to learn that most military personnel find the civilians to be unapproachable as well. Most likely our completely different lifestyles and outlooks. Perhaps we’re not meant to mingle.”

    We may not be meant to, but I think we have to. It will do us all good if we can break through the judgements we all carry. If we can get to know eachother, not as military or civilian, but as people. Support can come from many places, let us not fail to find them when we all need it most.

    D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
    Concerned person needing a shoulder also

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