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Attention Pacifica Pilots: Let’s Hear From You!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 20, 2007

MY NICE WARM BED ON CELESTRA (WHICH I WOULDN’T HAVE IF IT WASN’T FOR THE MILITARY), August 20 — More than one brave military pilot has pointed out that the News-Review has been lax in showing off the talents, skill and individuality of our Guardians of the Fleet. None has thought to mention that each time this reporter tries to get near the squadron ready rooms, he’s threatened with being “put out the airlock”…but I’m not bitter. (Good evening, Major Lucero! This one’s for you!)

At any rate — we’ve taken our lumps from the pilots and we’re ready to make amends. Any pilot interested in being profiled in the News-Review, leave a Comment on this edition and/or speak to us in-world to arrange an interview.

((OOC: In return, we’d love some help — the News-Review’s photojournalism staff loves your Vipers and Raptors, but we only ever get to see them from the outside. If you’re able to use the “Snapshot” feature from inside your planes and can capture some action shots, or even just the interior instruments, we’ll give you photo credit. You can send them to this email address, either as Second Life textures or as JPEGs… and shortly thereafter, they might appear in a News-Review edition. Be sure to let us know who you are, in the body of the email.))

((OOC: Not in the military? Not to worry — we are looking at practical ways to offer interested Colonial citizens, of all stripes and roles, the opportunity for some publicity and exposure in the News-Review. Stay tuned, and keep sending us your ideas.))

May the Gods be with our soldiers, our leaders, and all of our people.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


One Response to “Attention Pacifica Pilots: Let’s Hear From You!”

  1. Arrow of revenge said

    If i have to be teh first one to swallow my pride. so beat it, i’ll give an interveiw to put a face on the pilots who so far have gone faceless and nameless to the general public.

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