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Apologies….and Hopes

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 19, 2007

This reporter took a long walk after leaving the Conference yesterday, not something that easy to do in the fleet I tell you. I walked and thought. My initial reaction was to run here and “start the presses”, but I know myself better. It is my style, as many of you know, and my nature, which I just realized, to rush forward and print what comes to mind. What comes to mind is usually from the heart, driven by some strong emotion, and this is what I print. My highly skilled associates in the press seem to control this better than I do. They stop, check facts, verify sources…the things a reporter does. So it is here that I issue my apology. I am not a reporter, as Representative Carbetta claimed, and I apologise for presenting myself as such. I am a Commentator, of which I am not sorry in the least. It is who I am, and what I do, and will not change. I WILL continue to comment…

The comment I want to make about the Conference is one of hope. I feel it rises above the petty bickering and name calling that was done. In the end, there was a sense of hope. A push to reestablish the Quorum of 12, we only need 10 more. A call for a Vice-President. A new understanding of everyone’s roles. The acknowledgement we are all in this together and for the same cause.

I call now, and Hope the people join my call, for our leadership in all its forms to work together as they said they would. Restore commerce, education, security, and everything we love and cherish. Restore Humanity! Because If you don’t….

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentator, The News-Review


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