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Pilot loses plot…

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 17, 2007

Following an already tense day within the fleet I have just witnessed the sad event of one of our pilots ‘losing the plot’.

Lieutenant Heckroth who was said to be “despondent over her lost fiancee on Caprica” took out her viper this evening and began shooting at 7th Heaven. After finally being talked down she moved to the top of the shuttle bay where she was threatening to throw herself off.

Fortunately she was brought back into the bay and safety. But when searched she was found to be carrying stims – whether this has had any impact upon Lieutenant Heckroth’s current mental state is as yet unknown. She was then escorted onto a shuttle where she was taken back to Pacifica and will await treatment and counselling whilst in the brigg.

One of the officers at the scene said “we all are hurting so deeply, the pilots are under intense pressure”.

Another responded “with what we’ve all been through…it’s a miracle any of us are able to keep our wits”

No one was hurt during this incident.

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The News-Review


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