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Exclusive: Vargas to meet with vocal new opponent

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 17, 2007

The President has called for a “partial lid” on this story — meaning, details are on a need-to-know basis amongst her senior advisors — but a meeting has been tentatively scheduled for the very near future with Ms. Capri Carbetta. Ms. Carbetta is the vocal challenger to the legitimacy of Ms. Vargas’ presidency, and has pressed for her to resign immediately.

Capri Carbetta, Caprica’s Quorum of Twelve representative prior to the attacks, claims that as the highest-ranking government representative of the colony which many considered to be the seat of art, culture and political power throughout our star system, she is predestined to lead us to safety.

((For a refresher on Ms. Carbetta and her claims, click here.))

What she seems to forget, however, is that natives of the other eleven colonies have a variety of opinions about Caprica’s relative status — and in the opinion of this reporter, anointing a colony’s Quorum representative simply because “that’s where the money was” smacks of a classist, discriminatory society.

Consider this counterexample, using Picon to illustrate. In addition to being my homeworld, it was the site of Fleet headquarters. Had Picon’s Quorum representative survived, could she have asserted that representing the seat of military power entitled her to bully her way into the Presidency?

Of course not. Because we’re not a militaristic dictatorship. Nor, Gods willing, are we some sort of aristocratic pseudo-monarchy, where the richest and most ruthless social climbers get to rule over all.

Apologies to our regular readers, as what began as a news flash has deteriorated into an Op-Ed piece. It takes a lot to get this reporter worked up…but start waving Caprican superiority in my face, and it’s like a red flag to a bull.

As we at the News-Review receive information about the meeting, our readers will be kept informed.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


5 Responses to “Exclusive: Vargas to meet with vocal new opponent”

  1. God of War said

    This is a perfect example of why civilian government should take a back seat until the war is over. How can we effectively fight when we can’t even decide who our “leader” is? We have one true leader, and that’s Commander Nephilim. The sooner the civilians can understand that it’s in their best interest to let the military take control for the interim, the better.

  2. fleetnewsservice said

    Martial law? How is that any better than an aristocracy? That’s just trading in the jewel-encrusted sceptre for the semi-automatic sidearm.

    Let’s wait to see where this summit meeting takes us before we toss President Vargas out with the bathwater…

  3. Unknown source said

    Ohh, believe me boy – when the Centurions come to get you with their razor sharp hands, ready to rip your heart out and gut you, you would want someone with a semi-automatic pistol at your side and not someone with a jewel-encrusted sceptre.

  4. Bingo said

    Where is the evidence of martial law? Are military personnel walking through 7th heaven arresting civilians? Is there a curfew? I must have missed the action.

  5. Frosty said

    Martial Law isn’t what everyone thinks it to be.

    Basicaly it is simply emergency powers transferred from the Civilain Government to the Military to allow the Military to protect the Civilian Public from things such as Civil Unrest – and in this instance – Invasion. It allows the Military free reign to execute ‘Imminant Domain’ which allows them to secure Civilian assets and property for the need of the Mission at hand. Once the State of Emergency is concluded to both the Elected Leader and Military Leader’s satisfaction is Martial Law lifted and power transferred back to the Civilian Government.

    Technicaly, when the Civilian Government on Caprica and the Fleet Headquarters on Picon were destroyed, and the ‘Case Orange’ was Transmitted did a State of Emergency go into effect giving the good Commander here the necesassary powers to protect this Fleet from the Cylons who have been stalking us and attacking us nearly every day for the last week.

    The Political infighting needs to stop, and we need to make some serious decisions to ensure the safety of the Civilians with us not to mention our long-term survival. We’re loosing Vipers left and right to battle damage or being compleately destroyed, and starting to loose Pilots from fatigue and stress. Both are limited, precious resources we are draining quickly. I believe the Commander has full right to stop the political bickering and tell everyone to play nice or else.

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